Monday, June 3, 2013

Shock Accusation Palin Made Up Anecdote About Republic Wa.Incredible Truth Exposed.

Spokane, North Idaho News

During Sarah Palin's address to the graduating class at Republic High School last weekend she told an anecdote relating that her father had a connection to the town:

Here is the anecdote which commences at   6:45  of the video above of her full address:

"Palin told a story about her father, Charles Heath, who in 1964 set out for Alaska from Sandpoint, Palin’s hometown where she had been born just a few months prior. Facing engine trouble, Palin said, he stopped in a small town, where the local mechanic fixed his station wagon for a pittance. That town, she said, was Republic, to gasps and murmurs from residents and graduates alike.
“You got us on our path,” Palin said, to more applause."
Tony J Lee of Breitbart made the following comment after viewing the speech which was indeed worthy of the gasps from the audience and teary eyes from viewers when the anecdote was made
"I've actually listened to prob every single speech Palin has given. Her speech to Republic HS was one of the most moving."

But,subsequent to the reporting if the speech when Lee wrote about it at Breitbart some Palin deranged cast doubt about the veracity of Palin's history of her family trek to Alaska and how the little town of Republic figured in getting them there (wither being a two month old baby at the time).

What these leftist haters seem to have forgotten is that Palin is a person of truth and she doesn't tell tall tales like Hillary's infamous "we were under fore at the airport" whopper. And of course how would she expect to have gotten away with such an anecdote when the MSM goes through every word she says with a microscope like they did with her emails from the time she was governor of Alaska?
That didn't stop them from trying to drop the poison. Sadly for them, not that they will have a moments shame, and will go on to their next batch of lies, an local Republic identity corroborated the entire story as regards their being the mechanic, Mr. Carter and the local diner. This whole exercise just adds lustre to Palin's remarkable dedication to small town America and repaying a family debt from all those years ago whilst shining a light on the cockroaches who scuttle hither and thither in their attempts to malign her.

"Someone posted the following on Sarah's "Posts by Others" FB page 

"Republic High School Graduation Thanks. I talked to you about Bill Carter, the mechanic that fixed your dad's car. Bill owned and ran Carter's Phillips 66. You also talked about your dad spending part of the day at a diner. It was Walt's Fountain and was across the street from Carter's as there was only 1 cafe on Main St, maybe your dad will remember. I am a local businessman that has owned a business for 42 years and was born and raised here. Thanks again as we had a grandson graduate."

An incredible anecdote and added credibiltiy to Palin as a person of the people