Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Results/Commentary:Palin Endorsed Congressional Candidate Jason Smith Wins Landslide Special Election Today

JasonSmith PalinLibertyPose 

Office / Candidate Name Party Votes % of Votes
U.S. Representative - District 8 87 of 462 Precincts Reported
Steve Hodges Democrat 2,539 28.5%
Jason Smith Republican 5,765 64.7%
Bill Slantz Libertarian 141 1.6%
Doug Enyart Constitution 415 4.7%
Robert W. George Write-in 3 0.0%
Thomas Brown Write-in 47 0.5%
Wayne L. Byington Write-in 1 0.0%
Theo (Ted) Brown, Sr. Write-in 0 0.0%
Total Votes: 8,911

With 18% of the vote in I am calling it for Smith.
here's the link to the Missouri Secretary of State's official site 

This is the final:

Jason Smith (in a fun "Big Gulp" Statue of Liberty Palin-ite pose above) was endorsed by Sarah Palin for the special congressional election which took place today.

A special election to fill the 8th Congressional district seat vacated in January by U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson happened today with voters having had four certified candidates and four write-in candidates from which to choose.
Jason Smith For Congress

Gov. Jay Nixon set today as the date for the special election after Emerson resigned her long-time seat to become president and chief executive officer of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association.

Certified candidates on the ballot were Doug Enyart, Constitution Party; Steve Hodges, Democratic Party; Bill Slantz, Libertarian Party; and Jason Smith, Republican Party.

Jason Smith’s campaign reported receiving the endorsement of Governor Palin:
“Jason has worked tirelessly to build on the foundation of his humble beginnings and is a responsible and respected leader in the Show Me State. In Washington DC, Jason will maintain that innate sense of his community and will bring his commonsense conservatism to the halls of Congress. Jason recognizes that government is the problem, not the solution. He will protect our 2nd Amendment rights and work to promote a culture of life. We must all work together to send Mr. Smith to Washington on June 4th.”
          – Sarah Palin

Smith's victory is another victory for Sarah Palin also as his win is added to the extraordinary long list of people elected with the assistance, in some cases the indispensable assistance of Palin (e.g. Ted Cruz). How long the media can continue with their meme that "Palin's star has faded and she is irrelevant' in the light of such an amazing record is a mystery.

On the other hand whatever the MSM/leftist blogs blather on about her suppose irrelevancy  becomes ludicrously self-defeating fro them as Palin's army in Congress and governorships grows apace as she radically transforms the American election scene one candidate at a time. Her elelction influence in 2014 will be something to see as she builds on her astonishing 2010 record.