Sunday, June 16, 2013

Left Invents Their Craziest Palin Conspiracy Meme Yet:Palin & Rupert Murdoch In "Hanky Panky"

Over the years we have seen utterly bizarre attacks on Sarah Palin from "progressive" blogs and Tweeters and even from the "lame stream media." Surely no other politician has been the subject of such irrational madness and utter hatred. Nixon was reviled by the left (the cartoonist Herblock famously depicted Nixon emerging from a sewer) but his family was untouched.

Carter has been lampooned, Reagan depicted as doddery, Obama has had his origins under ridiculous scrutiny, but in nearly all instances families have been left alone-or gently ribbed from time to time.

But with Palin, and right from the very start her family has been the subject of the most disgusting lies and rumors.

This commenced with the disgusting "Daily Kos" commentators saying Trig was somehow not her child.This was echoed by Andrew Sullivan, and in numerous other places like the Palin hate site "Immoral Minority." Claims were made that Palin's eldest son had "cut the brake linings on school buses" and that Willow Palin bought dope in a parking lot at the age of 15 (the latter claim reiterated in Wonkette this past week.

As for Palin herself, no claim has been so outlandish as not to be canvassed by the leftist hate mob. Joe McGinniss hatchet job "book" on her had a whole catalogue of scurrilous supposed personal incidents. She has been "divorcing Todd Palin" for years apparently and on and on.

The left, having made fools of themselves by declaring Palin's exit from Fox News was the end of her influence and public profile have been struggling to decry her rehiring. Initially they came up with "she came crawling back in a perp walk of shame at a much lower salary." How they know this nonsense is not mentioned of course.

That meme doesn't appear to have found traction, so they have come up with a humdinger. They are indicating that Palin got the job back because of some liaison with  the octogenarian Rupert Murdoch! Apparently lining her up with Roger Ailes was a bridge too far even for the fevered leftists imagination. This new madness was hinted at in an article discussing Palin's reappointment

Huffington Post had a weird slant on the Fox announcement as set out in this Twitter comment onHuffPosts bizarre statement:

13 Jun
Huffington Post scoop!! [Fox}announced Palin's return same day News Corp.chief Rupert Murdoch filed for divorce from his wife of 14 years."

Now look how that is "progressing". One  has to give the left credit for the depths of their insanity which this time has gone to a new level in Dante's circle of hell. Look for it to appear on Wonkette and Daily Kos shortly.

And this comment posted at CNN:
She was not wearing her wedding ring
She is returning to Fox
Rupert is divorcing his 3rd wife
Coincidence ? Perhaps.
June 15, 2013 03:54 pm at 3: