Friday, June 28, 2013

If The Palin Of 2013 Had Run In 2008 The McCain/Palin Team Would Have....

If The Palin of 2013 Had Run In 2008 The McCain/Palin team would have still lost. Today's Palin, who has gone a number of 15 round all in battles with the media, is a toughened sharp and savvy warrior and would have handed Gibson and Couric their collective backsides in 2008. 

To "what is your opinion of the Bush doctrine"? She could have replied "why are you asking me a question that 99% of the population has no idea what you are referring to? And in point of fact, there is no formal "Bush doctrine."

It is almost cringe making to imagine how the 2013 Palin would have replied to Couric's "what do you read" but I would envisage something along the lines of "why are you asking me such a stupid question-are you implying that  everyone outside the Beltway is illiterate?"

Unfortunately Palin was ill prepared for the media duplicity and sheer hate that came her way. She was not prepared for it because of some lack of intelligence, or understanding of the world, but because of her own innate values. 

Someone who lived a life of honesty, trust, and good fellowship, might hardly believe that what the leftist media  and Democrat's did was even possible. The Palin of today, the one who told Bill O'Reilly to "stop butting in" however would be formidable, in fact it is frightening to consider the mass of jelly that some would quiver into.

But even if today's Palin had run in 2008 the ticket would still have lost. The left, grudgingly, admits that Palin took McCain into the lead post convention, but the lead drifted down to the point where McCain and Obama were exactly tied. Then the financial collapse came and there was nothing Palin could do to put McCain in the lead again-especially so when her own team was acting against her.

People forget just how far behind McCain was before Palin came on board-a huge eight points. After Palin rocked the world at the convention, all that and more was made up, and McCain/Palin went into a three point lead- a massive eleven point turnaround. Post election study showed, refuting leftist propaganda, that Palin had a positive effect on the McCain result

If the financial collapse had not eventuated, it is more than likely that  McCain's lead would have evaporated and he would have trailed Obama on election day. The Bush years legacy was just too much to overcome. That, allied to the media onslaught and the determination of the Black community to elect Obama, made winning impossible.

The financial crisis, McCain's odd suspension of his campaign, his poor debate performances and the muzzling of Palin just made matters worse. If the GFC had not happened, the result would have been probably exactly the same as the Obama/Romney result in the Electoral College. North Carolina and Indiana would have stayed in the GOP's column and the popular vote margins could have been more or less the same. It seems impossible that McCain could have won Florida/Virginia/Ohio/Iowa/Colorado when Romney couldn't four years later.

That's history. Looking to the future, if Palin chooses to run and was the 2016 standard bearer it would be a different, hard hitting with the media, unmuzzled Palin who could easily take on the likes of Hillary Clinton.