Saturday, June 22, 2013

Governor Palin Appears on ‘Cashin In’ With Eric Bolling (VIDEO)

From Conservatives4Palin with thanks

Governor Palin had a great interview with Eric Bolling on Saturday’s episode of Cashin’ In. 
With Bolling, she discussed the hot-button issues which surround the ultimate problem in D.C. putting it on the wrong side of the people.
In response to the IRS giving $70B to its union employees as bonuses despite being caught targeting conservative groups, Governor Palin says that "only in an Orwellian government would a collective bad deed be so generously rewarded" claiming it’s "just more reason" to distrust the government.
Asked if she trusts D.C., she joked: "is a bear Catholic, does the Pope live in the woods?"
She didn’t stop there.  Describing the swamp in D.C. altogether, she summated the obvious: "Washington is for sale."
She continued her criticism of President Obama saying "the Obama administration will not even push back" on the IRS union demands calling them "thugs" and rightfully pointing out that this type of "thuggery," something Obama "will not push back against" paints a bad picture for decent union brothers and sisters across the nation.
On the issue of drones, Governor Palin remains thankful to Senator Rand Paul whose filibuster asked a lot of important questions about their domestic use.  "That’s very disturbing" the Governor proclaimed to the absurd idea that any domestic drone-use can be described as "minimal," as FBI Director Mueller recently did.  "We’re going to shoot you down just a little bit" the Governor mocked in response to such a lame talking point.
On the NSA, Governor Palin said that "Snowden is not the problem, the problem is government violating our fourth amendment rights" describing her own personal agony with having her email hacked during the 2008 presidential campaign.  She described the criminal activity of government building this mountain of personal data saying that "what’s backward about this" is how Snowden is perceived as the criminal in all this.
Like many Americans, she doesn’t "trust any government that is led by Barack Obama" who remains determined to "fundamentally transform" America.  The Governor dug her heels in once again by asserting what she always has by saying a "fundamental restoration" is what’s needed to restore the trust of the American people.
As she said before, it’s all "one hot mess."  Thankfully the Governor is there to continue shining sunlight on it all.
Here’s the video courtesy of the Mass Tea Party on YouTube: