Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eric Golub At Washinton Times Takes Joan Walsh To The Woodshed Over Her Palin Derangement

The best weapon is satire and humor when dealing with Palin derangement-especially from the triumvirate of leftist harpies Maureen Dowd, Taylor Marsh and especially Salon's Joan Walsh. 

Eric Golub at the Washington Times hits back hard not only with humor but gives the remedy; "Walsh should not be ignored. She is a bully, and the only way to deal with bullies is to confront them head on.

These three seem to take turns churning out Palin hit pieces and all they have done is to make themselves, and their Palin obsession a target for satirists. Eric Golub  has risen to the occasion with a delightfully acerbic piece "Joan Walsh and Sarah Palin, a study in contrasts" (LINK).

Here's a sample:

" Joan Walsh needs a significant other in her life, or maybe a dog. Whatever she needs, she needs it soon. Her continued, perpetual outrage over former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is producing enough hot air to cause real climate change"


Attacking Palin’s hair? Are we in junior high school? Feminists scream sexism when men notice their looks, but Walsh is a master at cattiness and degrading her sisters.

Why is Walsh obsessed with Palin in ways that make Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction seem like a friendly neighbor? Why does she spend every column attacking others rather than write something positive about anything?"

Golub might go for the trifecta and do a similar column on the other two at the cauldron the utterly smug Maureen Dowd and the bizarre Taylor Marsh