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Brilliant Article:"Is Sarah Palin Too Big For Washington?" Mark Vogl Reproduced In Full

A brilliant article by Mark Vogl which shoudl be widely distributed. Reproduced with permission and thanks by Mr. Vogl and the editor of Nolan Chart site where it first appeared at THIS LINK

Topic: America's Future

Is Sarah Palin too big for Washington?

Special interests, lobbyists, think tanks, foreign influence, all write the legislation and set the agenda for Congress to follow.

by Mark Vogl
Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An inexperienced, relatively unproven man sits in the White House, and you can almost see the strings moving him about the theatre called Washington. He offers nothing new; his change is an amalgamation of socialist - communist doctrines from Marx to Malcom X written by countless Democratic operatives. America, the American Way is bad, the cause of all the evil in the world. The Constitution is an obstacle, not a governing contract to be revered and defended. Obama Care was not something President Obama conceived, but rather an idea from the minds of college pedigreed socialists who not only do not understand capitalism but despise it.

The sad truth is that Americans sent to Washington as our representatives are walking into a pit filled with a wide variety of interests who have spent decades creating their own view of America based on their own financial interests. Everything is about latching onto a government "tit" and sucking it for all it's worth. And they are very polished in their presentations. Whether it's for the "children," or the "least fortunate," or "to save the planet" these special interests have constructed lines of thought and logic that appear to be sound and honest. And when it comes to the liberal side of the aisle, they all know that the government and tax payer money/debt is the pie that they are trying to get a piece of.

Therefore make a larger pie and you get a larger piece.
But whether the special interests are on the left, or think tanks on the right like the Heritage Foundation, the key central connecting thread is that these people in Washington, D.C. think they know best, and that their agenda is the vision America must adopt. If Washington were a closet, it would be so full of items that the items would literally be showing themselves through every crack or pushing themselves out at the bottom of the door. If you have to open that door, as our freshman representatives do when they get to Washington, you would be instantly buried by all the clothes bursting out on top of you!

So Sarah Palin is not someone Washington wants coming to "their sandbox as the President." Sarah is not in the box, not from the box, and does not like the box. Sarah Palin is from about as far from Washington as you can get. Her night time views are not filled with city lights, but the grand vistas of God. And Sarah's vision of America is not contained in White Papers written at the Heritage Foundation, but ones held in the hearts of Americans from South Carolina to California.
Sarah Palin, Allen West, and it looks like Ted Cruz, are all people who have not been clothed in the items in the closet I mentioned earlier. They are still Americans who see what 300 million Americans could be. They don't see Washington as "money tree" but as a guardian of the greatest idea every conceived, the American republic.

Sarah Palin is despised, hated, vilified because she is the antithesis to everything in Washington. She is the little grandmother in Texas who wonders if there will even be a family for her granddaughter to be a grandmother of! She is the small business woman in Missouri that was doing pretty good and employing people, but can't do it anymore because of the fear of the IRS, Obama Care, and losing everything. Sarah Palin is the people at church on Sunday, asking God, " ... why are they pushing You away?"

Sarah Palin is an American people frustrated by the continually crisis in Washington, and tired of endless, meaningless wars. Sarah Palin is the ranchers and land owners along the Rio Grande who see an endless continuing flow of illegals and drugs crossing the border.
Sarah Palin is a voice, a voice for a people who are tired of excuses, debt, war, immorality, and just plain stupidity.

President four years, and President Obama takes no responsibility for daily failure in this nation. A relatively small, simple thing like acting to save an ambassador in a foreign land was beyond his ability! Even with the strongest military in the world, even with special operations people loading up to go, even with eyes on the ground intelligence, President Obama could NOT be bothered to save a life, or protect American sovereignty. Did anyone in Washington, in the media call him to task for his dereliction of duty at the time it happened, when it could have mattered in an election?
Why?; Because Obama fits the mold of a "comfortable" President for Washington. He can't speak without a script, he has no plan to fix the system, he is no threat to the special interests that infest Washington.

The howls you hear against Sarah Palin are precisely because she is carrying a can of Raid, and if she gets into Washington all H... is going to break lose as the lights are turned on for the American people to see. You see, Sarah has a record of precisely this when she was governor of Alaska. Sarah faced down the large oil companies and won for her state. Sarah put the head of the Alaska Republican Party in jail! Sarah had an 83% approval rating by the people of Alaska in her third year.
Is Washington big enough for Sarah? In history, Washington has been as large or small as the President residing there.

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