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A Business Education Site A Conservative News Site & Andrew Malcolm Give The Secret To Palin's Success

A business website B2C (Business 2 Community) posted an article which sought to examine the secret of Sarah Palin's enormous success and popularity ( a 73% favorable rating amongst Republicans).

Daniel Chioco the author of  "Why Sarah Palin Should Be A Content Marketing Role Model" started his article with what was to him a surprising revelation:

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"As I was browsing the pages of Google News to stay up-to-date with the latest in entertainment, politics, science, and other trending stories, I was surprised to see numerous headlines about Sarah Palin
Now, this post isn’t meant to be political at all, but it still impresses me that even after 4 years without holding or running for office, Palin is still able to make headlines – even just because of a single tweet or Facebook post."

Chioco, after examining Palin's influence and message stated " there’s definitely a secret behind her success" which he put down to these factors in his opinion;.

  • Know your audience and what they want.
  • Give your audience what they want.
  • Be consistent in doing it.

  • He went on to add that Palin's "unique voice" (in more ways than just the sound) was a major factor "While Palin uses social media to endorse candidates or offer political statements, she’s surprisingly personal as well. “Out for a job in Central Park. Beautiful,” she tweeted one morning. By making your brand more human, you’re making it relatable, developing a deeper bond with existing followers, and playing to the strengths of social media. But humanizing your content isn't the only compelling storytelling strategy"

    I would comment that Palin making her "brand" more human is not a marketing strategy or social media ploy. Rather it is her very essence and it is this humanity , naturalness and sincerity  (categorized, by some leftists who have no such qualities as "folksy") that sets her apart from the run of the mill politician.

    What Chioco describes "being ruthless" is, once one reads further and can relate it to what Palin says and does is, in her case described as, "I can’t think of a single time where she’s said something and backed down from a position." This kind of commitment to her beliefs". Exactly so, again, unlike other politicians, Palin doesn't bend with the wind and sticks to her ideas and ideals  no matter what the personal circumstances. She famously stated, when she resigned as Governor because of the financial impossibility of staying in office when the left  was hitting her with frivolous lawsuits "if I die I die" and the she went on to state her positions with utter constancy.

    After The B2C article appeared on June 14th a post appeared at ConservativeHQ (LINK)  by George Rasley on the 20th titled "Why Sarah Palin Continues To Lead CHQ Straw Poll." This article set out examine why Palin, who is not generally mentioned as a 2016 candidate, would be consistantly leading the sites straw poll over the likes of Ryan/Rubio/Paul/Cruz-a formidable quartet to be head of.

    Rasley states "No doubt some will attribute Palin’s lead to her active community of online supporters – and there is no doubt that Governor Palin’s online network gives her an advantage in any net-based vote. But that, in our opinion, is not why the feisty Alaskan continues to lead in our poll."

    And then goes to the absolute heart of the matter "What many of the other candidates lack – even some of the candidates with otherwise impeccable conservative credentials – is Palin’s “tell it like it is” authenticity. And in our opinion, it is that authenticity that keeps Governor Palin in the lead. Palin is popular with the grassroots in some measure because she defies the pseudo-intellectual conventions of inside-the-Beltway political conversation – or what most people outside-the-Beltway call double talk or B.S."

    After examining Palin's bold and consistent statements-where others fear to tread- Rasley concludes,absolutely correctly,  "And we vote for Sarah Palin because she’s one of us."

    Both these articles are highly commended reads at the links above and are an antidote to the leftists media's bias

    For a Palin sites view on this intriguing subject Josh Painter
    at "US for Palin" analysed outstanding journalist Andrew Malcolm's article on the subject of what makes Palin a standout personality:

    Andrew Malcolm explains Gov. Palin’s crowd connection

    by JOSH PAINTER on MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2013 15:07 EDT

    Investor’s Business Daily columnist Andrew Malcolm explains how Sarah Palin connects so well with people by contrasting how she handled her speaking role at last year’s CPAC with the approach taken by other speakers.
    No wonder CPAC saved Sarah for last. And adjourned the conference during her applause. No one in their right mind would go on-stage after Palin’s political palaver. People who dislike or fear her are incapable of seeing or admitting it. But that doesn’t diminish the reality that Palin is a rare political celebrity and, therefore, an unharnessed power to be reckoned with within the GOP for the foreseeable future.
    We’re not talking about her running for any office. We’re talking about her influence, her enduring proven ability to attract and then ignite a crowd — even before anyone sees her. The CPAC buzz was electric all-day. Impatient “Sar-ah! Sar-ah!” chants broke out during preceding speakers.
    She has the ability to speak about issues that profoundly bother the audience in common ways and words that listeners instantly recognize and wish they had thought to say just that way. Watch in the video below of her full CPAC speech for how this church-going mother of five mocks Obama’s Winning the Future program with an almost off-color aside. And prompts shared laughter, not shock.
    She gets immense unspoken credit for withstanding an amazing amount of abuse and keeping on ticking. Palin punches have power, like her elbows beneath the basket in high school athletic days. One supporter said to me, as if it was the highest contemporary compliment possible, “She fights like a girl!”
    Unlike the others, the first woman to serve as governor of Alaska and campaign on a Republican Party presidential ticket instinctively speaks for her audiences, not to or atthem, observes Malcolm:
    She tells them what they’ve already accomplished through the tea party, for instance, and what they can accomplish this year and beyond if united. It’s empowering and invigorating, no longer burdened by the attacks of enemies, she need play no defense. The audience hears that she knows them and eagerly becomes hers. To criticize Sarah is to criticize them.
    But the Mama-Grizzly-In-Chief does more than just that, notes Malcolm. Natural athlete that she is, Sarah Palin understands that follow-through is as important to a public speaker as it is to a pro golfer’s swing or a point guard’s court game. Rather than taking a few minutes to shake a few hands after a speech, Gov. Palin engages in an up close and personal way that can take hours out of her time budget:
    Palin CPAC Crowd 480 photo palin-cpac-crowd-480_zps37d592f3.jpg
    Photo Credit: Washington Post
    She waved for two minutes then plunged into the audience. Moving slowly like a mini-mob from one side of the vast ballroom to the other to accommodate the waves of well-wishers with hands outstretched and cellphones poised. Some sections spontaneously sang ‘Happy Birthday’ for her. And she was thrilled every time.
    Sarah Palin did this for the better part of another hour, longer actually than her speech. TV was oblivious, the crews coiling their wires to go home as she continued shaking and touching hands on the ballroom floor below.
    While Tucker Carlson is “not clear what Sarah Palin does, actually,” keen observer Andrew Malcolm gets it. Sarah Palin’s followers are well aware of this aspect of the Palin phenomenon, but few in the media do get it. Press coverage of her appearance at a 2011 rally in Indianola, Iowa was almost entirely limited to what she said while on the stage, ignoring how she waded into the crowd to shake hands, sign autographs, pose for pictures and engage in conversation with the people there for well over an hour after her 40-minute speech.
    Another year, another CPAC. But little has changed. The left and their elitist fellow travelers on the right are still calling Gov. Palin irrelevant. The media, with a very few notable exceptions, doesn’t understand her appeal. But the conservative base gets it, and they love her for it. This is not “irrelevance,” lamestream media. This is engagement, and it is the main reason why Sarah Palin is anything but irrelevant.
    Read the full IBD Andrew Malcolm column here.
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