Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Left at Daily Kos Descends Into The Pit Of Hell With Palin/Trig Attack & Attack On Me Via Wonkette

UPDATE:Wonkette admits 2 being taken in by hoax against me.Fits with Schoenkopf's admission "I am worst journalist ever" And ultimate answer to her question to me "Why do you always gets things wrong".But to show what sort of person I am, and Palin supporters are, I will say in great magnanimity "Rebecca your apology is accepted"

That site "Daily Kos" is the one that started the "Trig is not Palin's natural born son " rumor". 

Not content to leave it alone after all these years they have sunk even lower into depravity. 

Kos Moulitsas, the site's chief, Tweeted the notorious 'Mission accomplished Sarah Palin" after Gabby Gifford's was shot.

That linking was of course totally  unfounded but that didn't' stop Moulitsas.

Daily Kos also reproduce the extract above from an article at"Wonkette" the notorious site that called Trig a "retard" which threatens an attack on me. 

That's the sort of violent threats leftists resort to to attack Palin supporters

There are no bounds to their depravity

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