Friday, May 31, 2013

A Republic High School Students Mom Hits Back At Elitist Snobs Who Decry Palin's Visit To Small Town America

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      You gotta read the comment that one of the graduate's moms wrote in the Seattle Weekly today. Her name is Vesta Brown (her son is the Salutatorian and I hope Sarah gets to meet her.) Here's her comment:
      "It has come to THIS? A long way down??? Yes, indeed.
      THIS being OUR little town of Republic, which is made up of many hard working PEOPLE, who call Republic call their home. Myself included. 
      Hey that makes us Republicans!....... You know, Mr. Ellis, we kind of like it here. Way DOWN here. At the bottom of the world, to hear you tell it.
      If you dont like Sarah, that's your prerogative, but to INSULT all the kids that actually WANT her here, is to take the lowest road you can take.
      You have shown us the ultimate disrespect....What gives you the right to trash us like this?
      You know nothing about our town, or its people. Yet, In your unrestrained zeal to insult Sarah Palin, why do you also feel the need to insult the intelligence of the 27 seniors who CHOSE her to make their graduation special. Her anti-intellectualism??? Your pitiful condescending view of us here in the country reveal your total ignorance of all that is worthwhile, and your disrespectful and cowardly attack on her must make you feel sooo much better.

      Does Mr Ellis feel THAT MUCH better now that he has taken the lowest of the low roads, unabashedly bashing Sarah Palin. She was iINVITED here. 
      Unlike you, sir! 
      So, nobody in town is talking about it? Did you interview all 1,073 of us?? Of course not. We will , being limited by our gymnasiums' size, be turning people away, unfortunately.
      And if you were any kind of legitimate journalist, you would have done your homework , and would have discovered that she actually went out of her way to made it quite clear that this was not a media stop. She was coming for the kids, Period. For them. To HONOR them. (do you know that word?) She did not allow any press releases until the last minute. There will be many people turned away tomorrow, but no one will be 
      disappointed that she came. Certainly not the kids. 
      You imply that they would be better off if she stayed home. You are sadly mistaken.
      Even your condescending view of her will do nothing to dampen these kids' spirits.
      To hear you spout your elitist rhetoric, you would think that she has committed the unpardonable sin. What could she possibly be thinking? Can you imagine anything more reprehensible than to actually respond to an invitation to be a guest speaker. How dare she accept? How awful of her. I wonder......How much did it cost the Seattle Weakly to send you all the way across the mountains to spew your arrogant disrespect in our direction? It was a waste of money and time, to be sure. 
      By contrast, our guest speaker, who is not at all interested in what you have to say, is making the trip here on her own dime. At her expense.
      A gift to a group of kids who dont care about the opinions of some arrogant newspaper writer. They are excited about hosting someone who cares about THEM.
      She will NOT be giving a political speech, but she will speaking from her HEART to a graduating class who appreciates her. I cant even imagine what it must like to live without a heart, but I guess it qualifies one to be a writer.....PS as for her commanding a handsome fee to speak,
      I wonder.................. how much YOU could command to give a speech to our students, or anyone for that matter. Supply and demand is still in vogue. Jealousy is a terrible thing, Mr Ellis. You should really consider letting it go.
      After listening to our guest speaker, my son is going to also be giving a speech, as salutatorian of his class. He was a state cross country runner, basketball player, (all conference /MVP)
      and won the State Title in the 400 last weekend. The small insignificant (in your view) little town of Republic actually produces some fine students, athletes, and PEOPLE.
      As mentioned earlier, Republic won a state title in Boys basketball in 2004. From 2004-2007, No team in the STATE had a higher average finish in State tournaments. Our girls team won a state title in basketball in 1981. I think it is rather ironic that Sarah Palin was also a cross country runner, track athlete, and was on a State championship basketball team herself in 1982. You know, I am getting excited about tomorrow. I just happen to hink we are just going to have a lot to talk about, and we should have a grand ol' time!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Too bad you couldnt' be here for the festivities! But I guess you'll probably be too busy traveling to some other place to trash THEM for next weeks column. We understand. And its ok. There wouldnt be room for you anyway."