Friday, April 26, 2013

Palin Supporting Blog Lady Posts Series Of Images Of Sexy High Heels-Conservative Women Rock

Still waters run very very deep is a time honored truism. Never more so when applied to conservative ladies-and a good thing too. Check out "Chicks On The Right" (Link) for proof positive.

Todo el mondo knows that Sarah Palin rocks a good pair of extra high heels (or is it the other way around-or both?) but this baptist church lady Palin blogger "Lipstick" knows which end of a stiletto is up for sure and good for her and us.

Thanks (really) to PALIN4 AMERICA (Link) for the sartorial insight-check out her entire blog for serious stuff too.

Shoe’Viva Las Vegas Friday

Good Morning
Today the Governor will be speaking at a fundraiser for the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. There are not many seats left. This organization does great work in the community, I pray they have an outstanding fundraiser.
Last week was a bad week, we can all agree on that. This week has been better but we are still in a fog as more about the events come into light. Also,
what we all knew to be true anyhow we now know that Hillary is a liar.
But I’m not focusing on any of that mess, instead, I am in full mind wander mode. You know, it has been awhile since I have written a post that highlights my incredible ability to think a simple thought and end up thinking about things far removed from the original thought… is a true gift.
I wanted to highlight the Governor’s speech this evening in Las Vegas in my post today, this got me to thinking about……Vegas……and how I have never been there. I am, after all, a good Baptist gal. Thinking of Vegas, I thought about gambling with a side note of how I really like the show Vegas, even though it is a little rough at times but has good writing, a rarity in Hollywood these days.
Believe it or not, my mind moved on to the Governor hanging out in Vegas at an event that is semi formal and I was thinking she is going to have some kick a** shoes on this evening. I love shoes! I think a gal just needs to have a wide variety of shoes. I also feel that a gal needs to have a pair or five that are a bit on the naughty side. Think about it. You can dress in a nice, conservative outfit and rock it with some hot shoes and look pretty darn good.
Hot Red Shoes
These shoes with a pencil black skirt and top would look great and add some flair, dontcha think?
I am secretly hoping that at the Governor’s next speech that is political in nature, she hits the stage in these babies….
Drive Liberals Bat Sh*t Crazy Shoes
 Perhaps these would be good on the campaign trail?
Patriotic Shoes
See what I mean? You can jazz up any outfit to fit any occasion with some exciting shoes. You can even change the entire vibe in a room by carefully planning your shoe wardrobe. Imagine if I wore these to church this Sunday.
Baptist Heart Attack Invoking Shoes
Yeah, the entire atmosphere would be affected by these babies. Perhaps they would be better suited to a nice dinner out on the town with hubby instead.
There you have it. I started out thinking about the Guv’s speech in Vegas to thinking I need to go shoe shopping. The best shoe shopping is, of course, running shoe shopping…..but you never can go wrong with some Naughty Monkeys.
Awesome Naughty Monkeys

And here's Sarah