Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mad "Trig Truther" Cellar Dweller's Fire Blefescuan Arrows Whilst Looking Wrong Way As An Iceberg Approaches.

Margaret Thatcher

“I always cheer up immensely if an attack is particularly wounding because I think, well, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left,” 

The genuinely mad commentators at the sites which peddle the nonsense that Sarah Palin is not the other of her own son Trig are sinking even deeper into the morass they inhibit. 

I don't include the editors of those sites in the same category as they are just charlatans.I won't link to them as if any decent normal person who did not have the armor of built of  resistance to infection due to long term, unfortunate, exposure might find the shock too much. 

They hold, genuinely  which makes it worse, to insane ideas e.g. that there are a number of "Trigs" which the Palin's keep locked in cupboards to trot out when needed. When they have outlived their usefulness the Palin's arrange for them to be murdered and buried under their airplane hangar. That is just one example of the madness that infects them.

As for personal abuse-they heap that at the Palin's in endless variety and of course at anyone who calls attention to their madness-myself especially (not that I mind of course, they are Lilliputians firing Beflescuans arrows at Gulliver). One thing they do not do is to post pictures of themselves at the same time they are calling attention to supposed physical faults in any of the Palin's. There is an obvious reason for that.

In one of the few examples of an avatar one of the most mad commentators (whose own sites other commentators post snarky comments about when that person is away saying how the tone is lowered (if that were possible of course) when they come back) used a photo of a Palin aide-which of course I recognized.
I asked if that was the actual photo of the commentator but of course got no response.

 I commented again on the photo in a negative manner after the poster had indicated that yes it was them. and the response was, as I wished to see, an admission that it was actually not them-which of course I have kept.

It would be up to others to decide if any action is available to them or use of image and misrepresentation-I hope they do. However I can assure these mad alleged humans that an iceberg is coming their way - a lot faster than the iceberg they have advised is coming for Palin for the last five years. It will be fascinating to see the scurrying as the light of day, as to who and where these people actually are, is made public.