Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Left Went Mad Over Palin's White House Correspondents' Function Tweet;They'll Need Straitjackets For Her NRA Speech Friday

The left went utterly bonkers mad crazy over a few sentences from Sarah Palin regarding the White House Correspondents' Dinner function. Thousands of hate filled tweets spewed forth. 

Vanity Fair, The Los Angeles Times and all the usual suspects in the media frothed and gibbered and tut tutted in mock horror at Palin's "unpresidential" colloquialism. The hate sites hated and the talking heads ranted.

All that will be as nothing compared to what will be expected from the same cast of characters when Palin (and Ted Cruz another leftist hate figure) address the NRA-ILA Leadership forum.

Make no mistake, Palin is the star of stars for this event. Make no mistake, the media will hang on every word with guns being such a hot button topic-and all this over someone the left constantly insists is "irrelevant"! It is frankly beyond bizzarre that they can keep to that meme whilst constantly obsessing over everything she says and does.

 Pete Petretich put it wonderfully "Why not a cool million? Maybe if they can get a BILLION to say that she is irrelevant then the dream will finally come true.
"You just have to BELIEVE!!!"

Batten down the hatches for the weekend-it will be spectacular, a veritable volcano of leftist insanity.
Here's a few "irrelevant" stat's 81% of L.A. Times responders to a poll say Palin is "Not relevant" all 2,700 of them !

Googling Sarah Palin CPAC 2013- 1,050,000 results / Sarah Palin assclowns- 87,300 results / Sarah Palin nerdprom- 78,700 Sarah Palin 2014- 2,580,000 results / Sarah Palin 2016- 2,050,000

NRA-ILA Forum 2013 photo NRA-ILA-Forum_zpsddbac990.jpg