Sunday, April 28, 2013

God's Purpose & Plan Palin Didn't Run 2012 So She Could Be Authoritative Voice For The Unborn

There were few people more disappointed than I that Sarah Palin did not make  run for the GOP nomination in 2012. But, as I wrote subsequent to the 2102 election her decision was absolutely the right one. I have not qualified that sentence with "in retrospect" because early on in the campaign it became readily apparent to me that nothing was going to stop Romney's ruthless campaign.

Not only were there so many conservative candidates that the end result was a fragmented vote which let Romney win plurality after plurality but when there was a chance that another candidate might win i.e. Gingrich, the Romney money launched a massive and vicious campaign which swamped the opposition.

Palin simply couldn't have overcome both these campaign challenges no matter how dedicated her team would have been.

The end result would have been that Palin would be now dubbed by the left as a "two time loser rejected by not only the general electorate but her own party as well" and etc. Instead, Palin supported conservative candidates, gave a late but loyal endorsement of Romney, and it is impossible for her to be touched by the inept GOP/Romney loss.

This leaves her now in the position of having been right regarding Romney, of having an outstanding record in having her endorsed candidates e.g. Cruz and Fischer win against the odds, and in a strong position to mount a campaign in 2016 if she so chooses.

What not having run in 2012 also means is that Palin can, as she has done so on a number of occasions, be a strong right to life campaigner. She can speak with total credibility given her own personal circumstances of course, and does not suffer the distraction of being called a 'two time loser " etc. Thus she speaks with personal and political authority on a subject clearly dear to her heart and which has the support of millions of Americans. Even the most rabid leftist cannot disclaim her sincerity and authority

It is fair to say that Palin herself would consider her role in pro-life activism to be God's work. In my opinion that she can do this work with authority is a God given blessing, which arose from the bitter herbs and ashes of the 2012 run that did not eventuate, but did not eventuate because of divine guidance. 

When Palin made her decision not to run one must believe that that decision was arrived at prayerfully and that those prayers were answered, not perhaps as she and I and her millions of supporters may have wished at the time but, as I everything that God does, they were answered correctly.

In the immediate future a number of pro-life  organizations will benefit financially and through support growth by Palin's activism on their behalf. And, in due course, the country as a whole will benefit from an eventual Palin candidacy, or at the very least her support of Palin-ite conservatives who will transform America.