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Highly Respected Electoral-Vote.Com "If Palin Alaska Senate Nominee She Would Be The Favorite" To Win

As a Tea Party group in Alaska campaigns for Sarah Palin to run for the upcoming senate seat there (see "Tea Party Group Drafting Sarah Palin to Run for Alaska Senate" (LINK)

The "VoteMaster" at ELECTORAL-VOTE.COM (Link) is a person I respect hugely-even though we are on opposite sides of the political fence. We have dialogued on occasion, and he has been respectful, as have I and, as expected, very knowledgeable and willing to consider another point of view.

I would not be alone in my opinion and his site, especially during presidential election periods has garnered millions of page views as his electoral college maps and collation of polling formation, allied to a brisk no nonsense reporting style is outstanding.

With that in mind it is instructive to look at his analysis of the upcoming senate race in Alaska. There have been nonsense polls and partisans like PPP Polling (D) advising that Hillary would be 'competitive in Alaska  and other such silliness such as "Palin couldn't be elected to anything in Alaska" but The Votemaster tells the simple unvarnished facts.

"if Sarah Palin is the Republican nominee she would be the favorite" to defeat sitting Senator Mark Begich.

Whether Palin chooses to run is another story. She may have her mind set on the presidential nomination in 2016, it would be interesting to get the Votemaster's views on that, but for the time being he is one of the few speaking the simple truth.

This shows the depth of Palin hatred by the media and Blogosphere in general,
and concern about her by the Dem's and their media/polling enablers.


IncumbentChallengerNotes           Polls
Mark Begich 

Candidate unknown 


Mark Begich, the former mayor of Anchorage, was personally recruited by then-DSCC chairman Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), even though he had to face then-Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest sitting Republican in Senate history. Stevens was convicted of several felony violations a week before the election, but lost by only 1-point. Stevens' convictions were later thrown out by Attorney General Eric Holder, but by then it was too late. While Stevens won't try to get his old job back (he died in 2010), if Sarah Palin is the Republican nominee, she would be the favorite in this very red state. If Palin doesn't run, any other Republican will at least give Begich a tremendous fight. Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell (R-AK) would be a tough competitor, but the 2010 GOP Senate nominee, Joe Miller, would give Treadwell fits in the primary if he decides to run.

Left Went Mad Over Palin's White House Correspondents' Function Tweet;They'll Need Straitjackets For Her NRA Speech Friday

The left went utterly bonkers mad crazy over a few sentences from Sarah Palin regarding the White House Correspondents' Dinner function. Thousands of hate filled tweets spewed forth. 

Vanity Fair, The Los Angeles Times and all the usual suspects in the media frothed and gibbered and tut tutted in mock horror at Palin's "unpresidential" colloquialism. The hate sites hated and the talking heads ranted.

All that will be as nothing compared to what will be expected from the same cast of characters when Palin (and Ted Cruz another leftist hate figure) address the NRA-ILA Leadership forum.

Make no mistake, Palin is the star of stars for this event. Make no mistake, the media will hang on every word with guns being such a hot button topic-and all this over someone the left constantly insists is "irrelevant"! It is frankly beyond bizzarre that they can keep to that meme whilst constantly obsessing over everything she says and does.

 Pete Petretich put it wonderfully "Why not a cool million? Maybe if they can get a BILLION to say that she is irrelevant then the dream will finally come true.
"You just have to BELIEVE!!!"

Batten down the hatches for the weekend-it will be spectacular, a veritable volcano of leftist insanity.
Here's a few "irrelevant" stat's 81% of L.A. Times responders to a poll say Palin is "Not relevant" all 2,700 of them !

Googling Sarah Palin CPAC 2013- 1,050,000 results / Sarah Palin assclowns- 87,300 results / Sarah Palin nerdprom- 78,700 Sarah Palin 2014- 2,580,000 results / Sarah Palin 2016- 2,050,000

NRA-ILA Forum 2013 photo NRA-ILA-Forum_zpsddbac990.jpg

Sunday, April 28, 2013

God's Purpose & Plan Palin Didn't Run 2012 So She Could Be Authoritative Voice For The Unborn

There were few people more disappointed than I that Sarah Palin did not make  run for the GOP nomination in 2012. But, as I wrote subsequent to the 2102 election her decision was absolutely the right one. I have not qualified that sentence with "in retrospect" because early on in the campaign it became readily apparent to me that nothing was going to stop Romney's ruthless campaign.

Not only were there so many conservative candidates that the end result was a fragmented vote which let Romney win plurality after plurality but when there was a chance that another candidate might win i.e. Gingrich, the Romney money launched a massive and vicious campaign which swamped the opposition.

Palin simply couldn't have overcome both these campaign challenges no matter how dedicated her team would have been.

The end result would have been that Palin would be now dubbed by the left as a "two time loser rejected by not only the general electorate but her own party as well" and etc. Instead, Palin supported conservative candidates, gave a late but loyal endorsement of Romney, and it is impossible for her to be touched by the inept GOP/Romney loss.

This leaves her now in the position of having been right regarding Romney, of having an outstanding record in having her endorsed candidates e.g. Cruz and Fischer win against the odds, and in a strong position to mount a campaign in 2016 if she so chooses.

What not having run in 2012 also means is that Palin can, as she has done so on a number of occasions, be a strong right to life campaigner. She can speak with total credibility given her own personal circumstances of course, and does not suffer the distraction of being called a 'two time loser " etc. Thus she speaks with personal and political authority on a subject clearly dear to her heart and which has the support of millions of Americans. Even the most rabid leftist cannot disclaim her sincerity and authority

It is fair to say that Palin herself would consider her role in pro-life activism to be God's work. In my opinion that she can do this work with authority is a God given blessing, which arose from the bitter herbs and ashes of the 2012 run that did not eventuate, but did not eventuate because of divine guidance. 

When Palin made her decision not to run one must believe that that decision was arrived at prayerfully and that those prayers were answered, not perhaps as she and I and her millions of supporters may have wished at the time but, as I everything that God does, they were answered correctly.

In the immediate future a number of pro-life  organizations will benefit financially and through support growth by Palin's activism on their behalf. And, in due course, the country as a whole will benefit from an eventual Palin candidacy, or at the very least her support of Palin-ite conservatives who will transform America.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Biden Destroys Left Meme That "Palin Cost McCain The Election" With Honest Reference To Economic Collapse & Inferred Palin Momentum

For the last five years the constant meme from the left has been "John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin cost him the presidency". 

The facts are of course that post election polls showed that Palin was a plus for McCain, and that as is easily inferred from Biden's statement, the momentum the McCain team received from Palin's convention speech-where they moved ahead of Obama in the polls, could have well carried them to victory.

No team could have overcome the Bush legacy and then the massive economic collapse just before the election.The fact that McCain did as well as he did-almost as well as Romney, is a tribute to the Palin effect.

From Biden's mouth to the rabid lefts ears:

From a CNN report

- Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that if not for the economic collapse surrounding the 2008 presidential race, Sen. John McCain might have beat President Barack Obama.
"The truth of the matter is, Barack knows it, I know, had the economy not collapsed around your ears, John, in the middle of literally, as things were moving, I think you probably would have won," Biden said during the annual Sedona forum at the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University.
"It would have been incredibly, incredibly, incredibly close. You inherited a really difficult time," Biden said to McCain, R-Arizona.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Pictures And Comments Of Sarah Palin At Shareholders In Life Fundraiser Las Vegas

Here is a link to podium photo's

New Pictures - Sarah Palin speaks at Shareholders in Life Banquet Las Vegas: April 26, 2013...

Shareholders in Life Banquet & Silent Auction

thanks for speaking your heart tonight! It was an awesome time and we were blessed to have you!

Embedded image permalink
. is on the stage! She is talking about HOPE.
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        Silent Auction - 5:30 to 6:45   
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Listening to bring down the house in Vegas! 

It was great. She's even better in person. If you get the chance, don't miss her. Great gal.    

Palin Supporting Blog Lady Posts Series Of Images Of Sexy High Heels-Conservative Women Rock

Still waters run very very deep is a time honored truism. Never more so when applied to conservative ladies-and a good thing too. Check out "Chicks On The Right" (Link) for proof positive.

Todo el mondo knows that Sarah Palin rocks a good pair of extra high heels (or is it the other way around-or both?) but this baptist church lady Palin blogger "Lipstick" knows which end of a stiletto is up for sure and good for her and us.

Thanks (really) to PALIN4 AMERICA (Link) for the sartorial insight-check out her entire blog for serious stuff too.

Shoe’Viva Las Vegas Friday

Good Morning
Today the Governor will be speaking at a fundraiser for the Women’s Resource Medical Centers of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. There are not many seats left. This organization does great work in the community, I pray they have an outstanding fundraiser.
Last week was a bad week, we can all agree on that. This week has been better but we are still in a fog as more about the events come into light. Also,
what we all knew to be true anyhow we now know that Hillary is a liar.
But I’m not focusing on any of that mess, instead, I am in full mind wander mode. You know, it has been awhile since I have written a post that highlights my incredible ability to think a simple thought and end up thinking about things far removed from the original thought…..it is a true gift.
I wanted to highlight the Governor’s speech this evening in Las Vegas in my post today, this got me to thinking about……Vegas……and how I have never been there. I am, after all, a good Baptist gal. Thinking of Vegas, I thought about gambling with a side note of how I really like the show Vegas, even though it is a little rough at times but has good writing, a rarity in Hollywood these days.
Believe it or not, my mind moved on to the Governor hanging out in Vegas at an event that is semi formal and I was thinking she is going to have some kick a** shoes on this evening. I love shoes! I think a gal just needs to have a wide variety of shoes. I also feel that a gal needs to have a pair or five that are a bit on the naughty side. Think about it. You can dress in a nice, conservative outfit and rock it with some hot shoes and look pretty darn good.
Hot Red Shoes
These shoes with a pencil black skirt and top would look great and add some flair, dontcha think?
I am secretly hoping that at the Governor’s next speech that is political in nature, she hits the stage in these babies….
Drive Liberals Bat Sh*t Crazy Shoes
 Perhaps these would be good on the campaign trail?
Patriotic Shoes
See what I mean? You can jazz up any outfit to fit any occasion with some exciting shoes. You can even change the entire vibe in a room by carefully planning your shoe wardrobe. Imagine if I wore these to church this Sunday.
Baptist Heart Attack Invoking Shoes
Yeah, the entire atmosphere would be affected by these babies. Perhaps they would be better suited to a nice dinner out on the town with hubby instead.
There you have it. I started out thinking about the Guv’s speech in Vegas to thinking I need to go shoe shopping. The best shoe shopping is, of course, running shoe shopping…..but you never can go wrong with some Naughty Monkeys.
Awesome Naughty Monkeys

And here's Sarah

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sarah Palin's uplifting,life affirming Facebook tribute to her sister with special challenges

I love inspirational people like my sister Heather! For her 50th birthday she just decided she'd up and run a marathon thousands of miles away in New Orleans after such limited time and even more limited training opportunities in freezing cold snow-covered Alaska all this long, long winter. Heather works full-time with children with special needs in the Anchorage School District, plus she works weekends in a dental office and conducts tours for Alaska Wildberry Tours, in addition to helping at the family-owned business, Bruce's Muldoon Chevron gas station. And she and her husband raise three busy kids! Heather helps out with all the nieces and nephews (thank you for stepping in so often for Todd and me, Heather!), too. She helps answer my mail and fends off pesky reporters who unfortunately bug her to try to get to me to do more of their bugging.

So, Heather decided to fly to New Orleans by herself. She hasn't traveled like that since college. She went to the race with no support. I was ticked at her that she was missing the birthday party we were throwing for her that weekend (well, it was a combined party to include the annual after-Iron Dog celebration for Todd, plus her birthday... we're always killing a few birds with one stone), but I forgave her because when she texted me her plan she was already on her way to the airport, so there was no backing out. She's the one who bakes the magical homemade chocolate cakes for our parties, but we forgave her for the missing magic at the party anyway.

We all texted her after the race.

"I did ok," she humbly offered. "Hurt like heck, naturally, died a thousand deaths, but it was decent, I guess. Glad I did it."

We congratulated her and left it at that. Then my sister Molly went over to Heather’s house today and sees Heather’s plaque from the New Orleans Rock 'n Roll marathon for her OUTSTANDING 26.2 mile performance! She ran a 3:42:27 and placed second in her age group! (She'd forgotten to mention all that!) Heather's always been a great athlete, and we all share a love of running, hiking, streaming sweat through Bikram, and anything active outdoors, but none of us can keep up with her! (She can do three sets of push ups, 70 at a time, and finish with an additional 30; BOY push ups! I crumble at the thought.) She's truly an inspiration. And so humble...

But the coolest thing about all this today, besides finally finding out her kick-butt race time, was re-reading her most recent group text to the family. It wasn't about her fitness prowess, or how busy she is, or her overcoming obstacles that others use as excuses to avoid getting outside and enjoying all that our beautiful states have to offer. It wasn't about her being able to qualify for the Boston Marathon (which we hope she'll run someday, just like our dad did back in the 80's!) Instead, Heather texted a proud mom's moment.

Her son, our nephew, has autism. Karcher will always add another dimension and perspective to the family's life. The road has not been easy and may never get any easier. But we've all said Karcher is our red-headed angel that God knew to place with Kurt and Heather because they're gifted enough to handle all He allows. The Bruces are amazing. (And Heather will want to wring my neck for bragging about her. Or she'll arm wrestle me into oblivion to teach me a lesson.)

Heather's text today explained that she doesn't have the typical Facebook page to brag about her kids like so many do, but she wanted to share a recent wonderful accomplishment -- not her own, but her son's.

Karcher will be graduated from East High School next month in the Top 10% of all students! He was given a University of Alaska Scholars Award, and he also won an "Excellence at East" award for his amazing progress through such challenging high school years, especially through the relentlessly and sometimes inexplicable difficult social situations a child with obvious challenges must endure. His teacher and the principal signed the award certificate. It encouraged Karcher to reach for the stars and always be proud to be an East High Thunderbird! Native tradition tells us that the thunderbird represents an indomitable spirit. That describes Karch.

Add to that spiritual description: inspiration, example, athlete, heroine... and you've got his mom, our sister Heather!

- Sarah Palin

Guest Speaker Sarah Palin At Arizona Angel MedFlight Shows Support For American Servicemen&Women

Traveling Tribute comes to Buckeye with Special Guest Sarah Palin - PRWeb

Angel MedFlight shows support for American servicemen and women.

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Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) April 25, 2013
To show its continued support for American servicemen and women, Angel MedFlight worldwideair ambulance service is sponsoring the Cost of Freedom Tribute and Traveling Wall in Buckeye, Ariz., May 9-12.
The exhibit and surrounding events are presented by the American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVTT), a non-profit organization founded on the principles that American heroes must be honored and remembered.
The Cost of Freedom Tribute features the Traveling Wall, an 80% replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, DC. All conflicts the United States has been involved in are represented in the tribute, which also pays respect to veterans, active duty military, police officers and firefighters.
Scheduled guest speakers include Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Air Force Lt. Col. Thomas Cluff and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer.
What: Cost of Freedom Tribute
Where: Earl Edgar Recreational Facility, 500 South 1st Street, Buckeye, Ariz.
When: Wall opens to public 12:00pm, Thursday, May 9
To schedule an interview on this topic, contact Jennifer Vogel (480) 440-0485 or jvogel(at)angelmedflight(dot)com
About Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance
Angel MedFlight coordinates domestic and international air medical transportation services, commercial medical escorts, ground ambulance services and provides discretionary insurance benefit assistance. Angel MedFlight’s One Touch Promise® assures every detail is handled and all resources are committed to guide the process from start to finish with a compassionate team of experts in the fields of medicine, aviation, insurance law and case management. http://www.angelmedflight.com

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Credit Where Due;Goldman & Rozell's Outstanding 2011 USA Today Prediction Of Palin's 2016 Run

"With her recent attacks on "corporate crony capitalism" and the "permanent political class," Sarah Palin is telling supporters she is indeed running for president. But in 2016, not 2012."

So began a column by By Paul Goldman and Mark J. Rozell in USA Today in September 2011 titled "Column: Palin's shrewd White House strategy is Populism 101". Read the whole article

Their column is one of extraordinary insights and clear sighted looks into the future-a rare case of a crystal ball unclouded by media Palin hate or agenda and focusing on the facts;
"There is likely no mileage in running a late-entry campaign now. And Palin believes that Republicans could lose in 2012. The reason? The party's indebtedness to those crony capitalists and their retainers in the political class.

Her recent speeches make the case why the GOP leaders for the nomination — Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney— are too tied to this problem to be the solution America needs.

She didn't need to predict their defeat, much less name names. The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, whose book Going Rogue holds the GOP establishment in low regard, seems to understand that these forces remain too strong for her to overcome in next year's nomination contest."
That extract covered, correctly, why Palin did not run (rightly in my opinion) what forces were aligned against her in the GOP, and implies that the GOP would lose against President Obama.
And there is this truth;
From Palin's vantage point, Perry and Romney represent more of the same. Her criticism is understandable when considering that she helped keep the Tea Party movement inside the GOP tent last year, though the party establishment gave her no credit in the Republican sweep. So she owes the GOP nothing.
Clearly there are points in the article I don't agree with but can view as objective analysis of a high level. It will be interesting to see further analysis from these genuine journalists just before and just after the 2014 mid-terms if Palin has a similar effect on them as she did in the 2010 elections.

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Suddenly Hillary Is Not Odds On To Be Elected President In 2016 As Palin's Chances Brighten

Here is Tim Stanley writing at the prestigious Daily Telegraph (LINK)

"Barack Obama is a lame-duck president. Nobody listens to what he says anymore, nobody is interested in winning his approval and nobody much cares if he thinks they have “let the country down”. This is typical for a second-term president who has lost all their leverage because they’re no longer running for office and everybody is patiently waiting for the day when he quits the White House. But Obama's difficult personality has doubled the size of the challenge. Gloating in victory, adolescent in defeat – the Prez doesn’t make it easy to work with him. Why should conservative senators give him a legislative victory after he has spent four years painting them as knuckle-dragging rednecks who hate women and the poor?"

That comment was written after the failure of President Obama's gun control initiative. What more would Stanley have written about the "lame duck" situation of President Obama after the past horrendous week? 

Someone is "impatiently waiting for the day when he quits the White House" but with great trepidation too.

The vehemently Hillary Clinton supporting site "Hillary is 44" (Link) which got so strongly behind Clinton during the 2008 campaign and has not let up even for a moment-even during the height of "Obama-mania".

It will immediately become apparent to the visitor that President Obama is the villain of the piece and, as I read it, only the election of Hillary will reset the Democratic Party and America back to its centrist, co-operative course. That there is a massive sense of loss and righteous grievance at the site is obvious, and no detail as to how Hillary was robbed of her presidency and who did it is spared.

For Hillary is 44, there is the concern that a Clinton run will be sabotaged by the Obama inheritance, the country being in such a poor state presumably in 2016 that Hillary will be destroyed politically by Obama for a second time.

If Palin is not the GOP's nominee and Hillary does run on the centrist,healing and return to sanity platform suggested then she will be a formidable candidate. But even as formidable as she might be and with all the clear qualities she possesses when the nations mood turns ugly no candidate can go against that tide-witness Jimmy Carter in 1980 for example.

Hillary is 44 makes a cogent, and sharply incisive analysis of this potentially devastating problem in this extract below. and although we are on different sides of the fence I respect the argument and would look forwards to a battle of ideas. 

I disagree that in this battle the GOP nominee would need to be centrist-we have had Dole/McCain/Romney and no thanks for another. To be a real campaign of idea the GOP nominee versus Clinton should be Palin.

Hillary is 44 makes a real cri de coeur, and I genuinely would feel sorry for her if worst fears are realized and Obama brings down Hillary for the second time.

We are sure Hillary Clinton will make a decision on seeking the presidency in 2016 after the 2014 elections which will be a referendum on ObamaCares’ corruptions. After November 2014 it will be time to decide on 2016 for the tribes on all sides.
Over the years even some Hillary Clinton supporters from 2008 are too angry with the corruptions of Barack Obama to support Hillary Clinton now. When they look at Hillary, they see Barack. And it is a maddening sight. The old saying if you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas (if you lie down in sh#t don’t be surprised if you stink) is their righteous motto.
Some blame Hillary Clinton for Benghazi deaths, or protection of Barack Obama or blame Hillary Clinton for not openly challenging Barack Obama. Some are so disaffected no Democrat ever will get their votes.
For our part we believe we need a fully functioning Democratic Party and a fully functioning Republican Party that argue policy, programs, and present their ideologies honestly without the distractions of race-baiting or sexism and misogyny – and let the voters decide in honest elections.
We also believe that in 2016 neither Benghazi, the Clinton “ethical standards” Frum is still thumping after suffering defeat upon defeat, Bill’s speech dollars, Chelsea’s apartment, nor Hillary’s hairdo and speaking fees, will matter.
In 2016 the greatest threat to Hillary Clinton is once again Barack Obama – and his legacy of weakness and profligacy. Tie Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama and she loses.
Polls show Hillary Clinton 2016 could even win Texas. Exit polls in 2008 showed that Hillary Clinton would have done better than Barack Obama because she would have won white working class voters along with traditional Democratic base voters. Hillary Clinton 2016, the enemy of the DailyKooks, would mark the resurrection of the Democratic Party if she only gets the nomination. It would be a return to sanity.
What will matter in 2016 is the “center”. If Hillary stays in the center she wins. Hillary spent four years as far from Barack Obama as air travel made possible so she still can make it a convincing argument. If the Republican candidate seizes the center, he or she wins. In either case what matters is that the country win.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Washington Post;"Today In History 5 Years Ago Sarah Palin Gave Birth To Trig" "Trig Truthers"/Andrew Sullivan Devastated Washpost Joins Conspiracy

At the Washington Post's "Today In History column; "Five years ago Sarah Palin gave birth to her fifth child Trig"

This is devastating news for Andrew Sullivan and  to the "Trig Truther" loonies at "Immoral Minority / Palingates and other associated houses of Bedlam Hospital to see even the leftist  Washington Post is part of the great conspiracy to hide what they believe i.e. that Trig Palin is not Sarah's natural born son.

The Washington Post did not mention however that,according to the Trig Truther" sites the Palin's actually have a number of look a like 'Trig's" which they keep locked in closets for use when the publicity opportunity suits them and then murder and bury under "Todd's air plane hangar's concrete slab" when the "Trig's have used up their publicity value. Apparently they can be told apart by the various "ruffles' in there ears.

A bad day indeed for Palin haters-everyone is against them even the anti-Palin establishment.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Left Takes The Senate Gun Control Bill Loss Out On Sarah Palin With Twitter Hate Led By Piers Morgan;Here's a Sampler

NAUSEATING > now jubilantly boasting of anti gun control 'victory' on her Twitter feed. No heart, no shame.

: I sincerely hope you you get your brains blown out one day , no offense!” Threat against a govt official

stupid bitch :-)

I think you'd be singing a different tune if your handicap kids head got blown off