Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sarah Palin Is In The Senate At Rand Paul's Side In Spirit

As Rand Paul continues his heroic filibuster to protect the American way of life from an unprecedented invasion of liberty by the Obama administration, Sarah Palin is in spirit standing by both Paul and Ted Cruz.

Cruz was happy to confirm that Palin was instrumental in his election and Rand Paul was endorsed by Sarah during his difficult primary campaign.

All those leftist media outlets and bloggers who wrote Palin off after she (not they) terminated her Fox relationship utterly and totally missed the point. 

That of course is understandable given their Palin blindness and willingness to ignore anything about which doesn't suit their predetermined opinions and desire to destroy her.

Palin said, when she resigned as governor that "if I die I die" (i.e. that its not all about her) and indicated her mission is to change politics. She made this plain again with her post Fox statement that she would concentrate on getting true conservatives elected in 2014,

In attacking Palin, sometimes in the most childish manner, her enemies have missed the big picture which is that candidate by candidate,elected official by elected official Palin is shaping congress to her ideals. 

Cruz/Paul/Fischer and so many others are commencing this new politics and when the public sees that they are defenders of them and their economic and social rights the transformation will take place speedily.