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Palin At CPAC:More Important Speech Than 2008 For Her & GOP

Sarah Palin's upcoming address at CPAC this weekend has the potential to be of greater significance for both her, and the GOP, than her convention roof raising VP candidate acceptance speech in 2008. Her address then gave massive energy to the faltering McCain candidacy, lifted the spirits of the rank and file, and launched Palin as a political super star.

All of those significant historical factors could pale into relative insignificance at CPAC. The GOP stands at the cusp of moving to a renewed Reagan-ism or, failing that, an inevitable split if the Beltway establishment imposes another centrist candidate on the conservative element.

The emergence of Ted Cruz as a strong voice on the right (who owes his senate seat in major part to Palin) and (Palin endorsed) Rand Paul's filibuster did a mini-energizing version of Palin's convention grass roots spirit lifter. This led the likes of William Kristol and Jennifer Rubin (as quoted below) to look beyond Paul, and ask who will lead the GOP forwards?

The fact that they, and others, have not mentioned the likes of Christie/Bush/Rubio as that person, means that, like Godot, the leader is awaited. Bernie Quigley (quoted below) sees Cruz and Palin as taking the role. But for the question to be posed means that from the conservative point of view, what is in place now is unsatisfactory. If it is unsatisfactory now, then with another Dole/Bush McCain/Romney as Establishment candidate it would be beyond unpalatable.

Palin has been elevated to having the most speaking time at CPAC after the keynote speaker (Cruz). If she makes the focus of her address the need for a complete change of direction from the 2012 campaigns personnel  direction, and philosophy, and draws a line in the sand, then her speech will supersede anything she has said and done before.

If Palin says that, from CPAC onwards, the party will be the Reagan party again, and if it is not then she takes no responsibility for the rise of a genuinely conservative third party. The choice will be either/or. If the Rockefeller country club Beltway Establishment chooses to attack her, or disregard her warning, them what eventuates, including the possible break-up of the GOP and the loss of the presidency for many campaigns, will be entirely their responsibility.

If Palin makes such a call and it is acted on, then the process of renewal leading to victory in 2014/2016 will have been achieved in only four months since another Establishment campaign disaster. That would be Palin's lasting legacy. 

Whether she goes on to be the presidential candidate or not, Reagan-ism/Palin-ism would have triumphed, and brought clarity and real choice to the American voting public. I would be confident that after eight years of Democratic party leftism the choice will be for genuine conservatism.

William Kristol at the Weekly Standard

The filibusterer from Kentucky has had “his hour upon the stage.” When will other, more serious, Republican dramatis personae step forward?

Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post;

Who will take that spot? Who will help navigate the right through the remainder of Obama’s tenure as commander in chief? We’ll find out soon enough.

Professor Codevilla  AT THIS LINK sees a third party  if the GOP doesn't change direction in this brilliant article 

"As Country Club Republicans Link Up With The Democratic Ruling Class, Millions Of Voters Are Orphaned"

Bernie Quigley, writing at "THE HILL" sees the upcoming CPAC Conference as perhaps the
moment in US history when;

 "nothing is the same ever again "History turns in an afternoon and on almost imperceptible details. The ice suddenly thaws and breaks at Odessa, Bob Dylan switches from a wooden guitar to an electric one at Newport. Exiles return, the swell and the mediocre suddenly fall into the sea, and nothing is ever the same again. CPAC 2013 could be that moment.
Below is an extract from his outstanding post-the whole item as at the link below

By Bernie Quigley 03/04/13     

What happens at CPAC 2013 will divide the past from the future. Conservatives will chose between nostalgic pleasantries or a dynamic horizon. Conservatives will consolidate one way or another. In my view, conservatives will choose the future and they will choose Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin.

There is a division today in what is called conservatism, although it should be called something else. It has been forming for several years and will come to clarity and decision in CPAC 2013. The new directions — states’ rights, sound money and constitutional government — of what might be called the gnarly conservatives will come to clash with traditional or what might be called "nice" conservatives (“the establishment”). The nice: Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Dr. Ben Carson. The gnarly: Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent.

Since last week, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has moved from participant to key speaker at the CPAC conference. Cruz will take leadership, and a rising conservative movement will begin to form and will run the century.

Cruz and Palin are enormously popular outside the Beltway, especially to those in the Heartland. They have been torn apart by Hollywood and the liberal press and the Beltway pundits, while the conservative establishment gleefully sits to the side hoping they will be destroyed, like St. Paul, holding the coats.
But a door has opened and it will not be closed. The traditionalists, same as Cruz and Palin, will be judged by their work. (“I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot.” Revelation 3:15)
History turns in an afternoon and on almost imperceptible details. The ice suddenly thaws and breaks at Odessa, Bob Dylan switches from a wooden guitar to an electric one at Newport. Exiles return, the swell and the mediocre suddenly fall into the sea, and nothing is ever the same again. CPAC 2013 could be that moment.

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