Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mary Beth House Eviscerates Politico And Wonkette's Founder Ana Marie Cox Over Anti-Palin Scheme

A brilliant analysis of the leftist schemes to denigrate Governor Palin ahead of the 2014 mid-terms from Mary Beth House a moderator at Conservatives4Palin (Link)


Annual Push to Establish the “Palin is Irrelevant” Narrative On Pace with Previous Years

I cannot imagine why such an even handed and truly balanced news outlet such as Politicowould write an article on Governor Palin using her name synonymously with the name “Kardashian” in the same headline.
Of course I kid.  The media, the left, and the spine-weakening members of the GOP establishment have crafted a plan.  Here’s how it will go:
First, the media will portray the speech as her comeback.  A comeback from what, only they know for sure.  I suppose one could agree with that considering how polite the Governor was during the 2012 GOP establishment’s debacle (read “trainwreck”).  But the media’s definition of “comeback” doesn’t resonate with ours.
As such, members of the media will co-opt the left and the establishment in a plan to portray CPAC’s attendees of having no interest at all in Governor Palin or other Tea Party rock stars like Ted Cruz.  Instead, they’ll refer the Marco Rubio as the Tea Party success while reporting how so many attendees were sad that Chris Christie wasn't around.
By the way, I’m not Harriet Houdini.  I don’t have a crystal ball. I just know how these folks work, especially since this is their modus operandi.
So don’t be surprised if the above feels like a re-run, because it is.  Every time there’s a major event involving the Governor, the same yahoos come out of the woodwork promoting the same agenda…diminish Governor Palin and other solid reform minded conservatives and boost those within the GOP who appeal to the press, ie, nothingburgers with an R next to their name and no real record of reform.
It’s happening right now.  Some of the commenters over at the Politico piece are saying that Ana Marie Cox of the UK Guardian has told Martin Bashir that not one person at CPAC has mentioned Governor Palin’s name even though she’s speaking tomorrow.
If things continue as they normally do, by the time Monday arrives, the media will say that CPAC could have been a success if only we had brought on Chris Christie or other “Republicans” who support amnesty and gay marriage to allegedly deliver some newly found energy to the base.  And because they’re boneheads who don’t understand or care that the press is not providing them with legitimate counsel on how to increase the turnout of the base, the GOPe will go along with this.  Why?  Because they don’t really want to excite the grassroots, as that would mean allowing reformers to play a role in the electoral process and they can’t have that.
Liberals are all for the Republican party going weak at the knees on principles since they are 150% nuttier about the same policies.  This simply makes their candidates more passionate during election cycles while the sweet and acerbic “Republicans” (or as I like to call them, “Bushies”) are eventually portrayed as closest racists and homophobes who only feign support on these issues in order to win elections.
The GOPe never seems to get that they can’t pretend to be something they’re not for too long, as the press only ever lets the left get away with such blatant pandering and demagoguery.
And then, there’s the shared thorn in the sides of both the left and the GOPe.  That is of course Governor Palin, Senator Cruz and other principled reformers who appeal to the masses.
How dare conservatives think they can put up a true icon of passionate conservatism to define the party?  It takes passion and energy to win elections and the few remaining job-titles left in the GOP establishment certainly won’t be the first to admit that.
It doesn't help them to have true constitutional conservatives riling massive, standing-room-only crowds to believe in its party’s traditional principles and values – and to accurately portray the constitution to back it all up.
We know why they do it.  My fabulous colleague here at C4P, Adrienne Ross, said it beautifully: (emphasis)
“When she is quiet, they [her enemies] exult. Their delusion tells them she is done, gone for good, no longer a threat capable of dictating tempo. But like all players who recognize their role on the team, she always checks back in. And when she does, the haters are beside themselves and find the need to tell themselves–and everyone else–just how “irrelevant” she is. Mind you, they say so while tracking her every move, noting her every word, and studying her every pattern.”
Politico is trying to be clever by kicking it all off, as though this is a new strategy that’s never been done before.  From my perspective, even their most clever headline-writing abilities cannot produce an article worth reading.  Half of their readers don’t read the entire thing anyway.  They feed on the headline, make their assumptions, and load up the comments sections with the same type of hate Adrienne Ross so beautifully described above.
So while that standing-room-only crowd is roaring and cheering tomorrow, you can be sure that the press recorders will be muted.  The beauty of their shenanigans is that they always reveal themselves in the end.  They've pulled them before and they've only resulted in what we've grown to love about the Governor: her courage and resolve which will shine through tomorrow at noon.
We as the reform-minded constitutional conservative base simply need to be on guard against these regular assaults on the Governor and other reformers.  We understand why they happen and will continue to happen and we need to call these attacks out whenever they surface.
And we need to be ready, willing and able to engage on the field of battle for the upcoming election cycles.
We know we must retake the Senate and keep the House in 2014.  We know we must retake the White House in 2016.
It’s not a crazy assumption to suggest that Governor Palin will play a role, possibly a defining one,  in all three in some form or another.  The left knows this too, as does the GOPe.
Given how previous election cycles have gone and how this one is already shaping up, it’s time to don our flak jackets.
The ride gets bumpy from here.