Monday, March 25, 2013

First Anniversary For Palin4President 2016! Top Ten Most Viewed Blogposts (9/10 Were Photo Essays Of The Palin's)

First Anniversary for Palin4President 2016! March 24th 2012-one year and 125,000 page views later (for someone the media describes as "irrelevant" she sure seems to get a large number of views if the stats from my, part time, blog are any indication) here are the top ten most viewed Blog posts;



It is immediately clear that folks don't come to this site for my erudite opinion pieces. All the top ten posts are images of the Palin's except for the one report on the record breaking, for me, post on Sarah's possible path to Electoral College victory. 

That column with its stats and imagery at the various sites it was posted at, received a massive, and in the wonder scheme of things, highly credible 26,000 views just before the 2012 election. The interest in it is a harbinger of what is to come should Palin declare she is running in 2016.

The photo essays/compilations amongst the other nine posts are a pleasure and a delight, and are well worth a trip down memory lane at the links below and are in my opinion and also, apparently, in the opinions of about 15,000 viewers.

To all the positive people who viewed these, and all the other 455 posts my thanks for your interest and, most especially, thanks for your support of Governor Palin. 

A special thank you too to all the editors and readers, a special shout out to VG and Pete (including my sparring partners at Conservatives4Palin (LINK). Mary Beth House, Ian lazaran and Steve Flesher, Stacy Drake are a grand quartet who have been so supportive over the past year at C4P as have the other Palin supporting Blog site editors who interact-especially Josh Painter at The Sarah Palin Journal (LINK)