Sunday, March 3, 2013

A "crazy old liberal feminist" Asks;Sarah Palin What Now?

Stopped clock is right two times a day with self-description dept; In a post entitled  "Sarah Palin What Now" an admitted crazy leftist feminist answers her own rhetorical question by advising that what Palin can't be now is a "feminist."

Or, more to the point  Palin can't be a feminist as defined by crazy leftists feminists (surely a term which doesn't  need the descriptive word as most would take that appellation for granted).

The writers beef, at "Butterflies and Wheels", 
(AT THIS LINK) appears to be that any "feminism" which is outside what the left defines a such as invalid. Therefore Sarah Palin and the rightist fringe (of multi-millions, a large fringe) who support her have no right, and neither does Palin, to claim any degree of "right wing feminism" as no such thing exists.

Apparently non-leftist feminism would include "Tea Party feminism" along with "Sarah Palin feminism" and some absurdities whose creation only goes to reinforce the writers opinion of herself as a crazy old liberal. 

I wonder if Palin's example of being an outdoors-person  hunter, successful politician, businessperson, public speaker, mother, author,wife and possessing numerous other outstanding attributes, narrow the field of what can legitimately be described as feminism if she is excluded from the sisterhood?

It appears the ticket to the ball is very narrow indeed. No matter what one has done, how little, how bad included, as long as one is left-wing then feminist legitimacy is bestowed. But, sadly for the writer it appears that the battle is being lost, and what is described as "Sarah Palin feminism" is a tide washing away the sandcastles of the feminism of the elderly leftists.

"shiny new conservative feminism is all the rage we crazy old liberal feminists are twisted sisters"