Monday, February 18, 2013

"Irrelevant" Palin At CPAC Now Reported By CBS/MSNBC/CNN/WashPost/Politico And (So Far) 70 Major Media Says Google

UPDATE;Already over 500 comments at Breitbart about an irrelevant woman whose 15 minutes are up AT THIS LINK

When Sarah Palin turned down the opportunity to be re-contracted at Fox News, which was of course falsely reported by the left as "Palin fired by Fox", she was immediately described by the media as "irrelevant".

Using such terms as 'washed up', yesterday's news, a person whose time is fast passing (Joe Scarborough) etc etc the media had a field day feasting on the supposed carcass of the one they hate.

But with today's news that Sarah Palin has been invited to address the major conservative conference CPAC the media has decided that perhaps she is not washed up etc etc.

According to Google when "Palin at CPAC" is searched, six pages (at least 70 sites so far) of references come up. These include articles on Palin at CPAC from the likes of CBS/MSNBC/The Washington Post/Politico/ Huffington Post/TownHall/Seattle pi/Twitchy (Malkin) Washington Times/ New York Daily News etc etc.

And of course most of those sites/articles have up to hundreds of, mostly critical, vile leftist attack comments-all for someone they have written off as "irrelevant and yet, there they are attacking her again.

The media knows which side their bread is buttered on, and if articles saying she is washed up bring in the eyeballs, so do articles saying she will be a speaker at a major conference.

All that is for certain is that Palin lives rent free in leftists heads.