Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CPAC Banner Featured Rubio/Ryan/Paul;They Just Added Another Image-Whose Could It Be? (Hint It's Not Christie)

Since the commencement of the promotion of the CPAC Conference there have been three images on the main banner Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio. 

These three (plus closing speaker Ted Cruz) have been touted as the "future of the GOP " and "Key potential candidates for 2016" by the right and even by the left. Sarah Palin on the other hand was utterly written off by the media when she decided not to take up another Fox contract.

Then came the announcement that she was to be a feature speaker (with a longer stage time allowance than many) at CPAC. The left media reversed course and now includes Palin " as a major potential 2016 presidential candidate" and recalls the huge reception she received at the last CPAC.

With this reversal, the jogging of the media's memory of the previous CPAC, Palin's rise in the polls and the betting odds against her falling sharply the CPAC team have also followed suit with this adjustment to their program promotion whilst not inviting Chris Christie.

Sarah Palin is now included amongst CPAC's "America's Future: Next generation of Conservatives". How quickly the meme changes. The CPAC link IS HERE