Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bernie Quigley;"A New Jacksonian Figure Is Needed – SHE Like Jackson Will be Identified By Establishments Contempt"

The excerpts below are from an outstanding article at "The Hill" by Bernie Quigley "Why Sarah Palin? Why Ted Cruz?: 'Nationalists' and 'Federalists'. AT THIS LINK

which discusses the emerging new areas of prosperity in America. These will be the business friendly red states whose citizens will want their social and economic aspirations represented in the White House.

Quigley quotes demographer Joel Kotkin who; "well outlines the transition in a Wall Street Journal essay yesterday title, “America’s Red State Growth Corridors.” for the economic argument, and concludes with these words;

"Sounds almost as if he was talking about Sarah Palin. Or Ted Cruz. The only two in the sleepyhead lineup of CPAC 2013 nostalgicos who will bring the audience to its feet."

The main point of Quigley's article as I see it is this (note the use of the feminine when a "new Jacksonian" is mentioned)

My claim is that a new Jacksonian era will result: When the common folk in the heartland rise in prosperity, they will demand a more equitable economic and tax situation and a greater say in the messaging. And if America is to address and contain these critical economic issues, only a new Jacksonian figure – an indigenous folk hero loved in the heartland – can commandeer them. 

She, like Jackson, would be identified by the contempt she brings from the Eastern establishment’s salons and Hollywood, which still demands a say when the economic paradigm they speak for has shifted. Panic ensues. Systems degenerate. Seasoned writers become hacks. Artists become propagandists. Traditional “right” and “left” political distinctions become irrelevant. A new division occurs between “nationalists” and “federalists.”

I presented a similar article with further historical references; 

The Intellectual Elite And Palin-A Comparison With Andrew Jackson:"


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