Thursday, February 7, 2013

2016 Presidential Poll has Palin Tied With Bush, Ahead Of Jindal And One Point Behind Ryan

For all the talk-from the leftist media of course-about Sarah Palin being finished when the people that matter, the GOP rank and file, are consulted, a different picture emerges
of course.

PPP Polling (D) released their poll of Alaskan voters preferences for the 2016 presidential nomination and
Palin is tied with the GOP establishment's Bush, ahead of much touted Jindal, one point behind Paul Ryan and two behind Christie-effectively tied with these supposed font runners.

Flavor of the month and Time magazine "saviour of the GOP Rubio is of course the front runner but at 15% he is not out of reach and has yet to be subject to the leftist blowtorch-we shall see what happens to him when that happens.

Huckabee won't run and there is every chance that his conservative, evangelical voters would go to Palin, possibly in a large degree but surely enough to make her even more competitive. I have little doubt that if Palin had indicated that she would run then her poll rating would be much higher,and, as it stands, possibly enough voters think that she won't so did not consider her for this poll.

As for Palin's overall favorability rating it is grossly distorted by the Dem's obvious hate for her with 87% giving her an unfavorable rating. But who cares, Dem's won't determine who the GOP nominee is. For a more realistic,GOP related view, palin's rating amongst "very conservative" voters is 71% and "somewhat conservative" voters it is 50%.

Again, if Palin declares I would be very confident that her poll ratings would put her at or near the top of the rank and file preferences and if Huckabee does not run she would have every chance of winning Iowa and South Carolina primary campaigns. The recent Harper Poll AT THIS LINK mirrors some of the statistics as well. PPP poll is 

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