Monday, January 28, 2013

Palin's Future; Prophet, Politician, Pundit, President Or Parent?

Now that Sarah Palin has severed formal ties with the Fox Network as a paid contributor, and is thus freed from the encumbrance of having only one media outlet for her views, her future is one of many possibilities.

Palin has commenced down a path which has led her, right from the start, to not just one fork in the road, but six. Her path options include prophet, pundit, politician, president and parent-and of course any combination of these options. Here is a look at the various choices for Palin in detail:

PROPHET; Palin's recent, and forthcoming statements and activities, would appear to make this path a strong option for her. Palin's faith and commitment to her right to life beliefs (which are one and the same) are a strong and abiding aspect of her persona-if not her very soul. Palin has addressed, to a rapturous response, a number of religious gatherings over the years, especially women's faith based conventions.

Her most recent Facebook statements have included a number of faith and Downs Syndrome commentaries, and her next speaking engagement is in conjunction with the Catholic Church's Terry Schiavo Memorial Mass

Thus this option would seem an attractive one for Palin, as it is clearly close to her heart, and would be personally fulfilling, and it could be could combined with her family commitments as her time on the road would be limited.

POLITICIAN:  This option is clearly on the table with Palin's post Fox comment that "2014" By this she appears to be signalling a commitment to endorsing  and campaigning for those candidates she believes best reflect the "common sense conservatism"  she embodies. 

It is indisputable that her activities along those lines in 2010 were a major factor in advancing the selection, and election, of a significant number of Palin endorsed genuine conservative candidates. 

Palin said years ago " I don't need a title to make a difference" and thus the simple title "politician" may suit her best and, again, this role would give her substantial time with her family.
Alternatively, Palin may choose an active political role and run for the senate as an Alaskan seat is up for grabs in 2014.

PUNDIT:   Palin may have closed the Fox door as a paid consultant, but of course that doesn't mean that she can't be on Fox, or any network, as a contributor from time to time as a pundit. The likes of CNN's Piers Morgan have said that Palin would be one of his top "gets" and no doubt other hosts-from left to right-would be delighted to have her as a guest. Rachel Maddow, (who invited her) and Jon Stewart, immediately come to mind. 

It may  be that by leaving Fox Palin will, in fact, have more exposure, across a broader spectrum of the viewing public, than ever before.

PRESIDENT;  Palin has clearly not shut the door on a future presidential run. She advised, somewhat cryptically, some time ago that this was a possibility. In her first interview post Fox with Breitbart, she again clearly left the door to a 2016 run open and advised that all options were on the table. 

Given the huge financial resources required for such a run Palin might need to commit early, perhaps shortly after the 2014 mid-terms, to give her myriad of small donation capacity supporters time to raise the necessary funding.

If this is her ultimate path, then between now and the mid-terms the Prophet and/or the Pundit ( and Family of course) would seem as possibly her best near future options, as they would assist in keeping her in the public's view.

PARENT:  Palin may decide that her commitment to her still young family, especially Trigg, is the major aspect of her life in the near future, and after her attention to the 2014 mid-terms she may spend most of her time parenting, with an occasional foray into speech making.

Palin is still relatively young and can consider an active political life once her family are older and, in the main, off her hands.

Whichever one of these paths, or, more likely, combination of them, Palin chooses one thing is certain, they will bring color, excitement, commitment, challenges and of course both love and hate. 

How else could it be with the phenomenon that is Sarah Palin? Whatever her future holds friends-her millions of supporters, and foes in the media and amongst the fanatical 'haters" alike will be watching her future with interest and wonder.