Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Latest Sampling Of Delusional Paranoid Comments From Malia Litman’s Palin Hate Site-Enjoy!

Here is a sampling from the weird and wonderful Malia Litman's blog of comments (actually I think some are taking the mickey out of the madmen who are so dumb they can't even see it) from the utterly delusional paranoids who think Sarah Palin is pursuing them! Enjoy;

NB; As can been seen they have found me out-I admit it, I am sponsored by the Koch Brothers, the Illuminati and the Masonic conspiracy.

The Lawman
INTERPOL is investigating the crimes committed against a certain someone that Sarah Palin tried to off a few times, taking the money, and just letting child rape victims have no justice while the rapist remains free…
Almost has me lifting my hands – she is all your boys…lol…holy crap Malia!
The website sarah for prez 2016 does not have much info on it about who is running it, mission, about, motives. It is very empty with one statement about the IM bloggers. Hmmmmmmmmmmm? Me think it is a palin/heath collecting money and dishin word salad and baloney for desparate loons.
Well she is up to no good again…had a plane going in circles in the area for almost 3 hours today…should have gave them a view of my butt…lol…
I don’t care Malia it’s just weird, that’s all…have connections that I called and now it’s gone…nice to know retirees…federal agents are the BEST!
Hey Kid is that neighbor across the street still watching you for the Palins?
If so drop a line and we will flush them out…or arrest them…and keep in touch with those retirees…they can always assist you anytime anyplace…
They are aware of the affiliations of the militias and Sarah’s paranoia…
And Kid – it’s going to be all right…no more sitting duck for you all-right?
I got satellite monitoring on your place…stay safe…from Russia with Love!
Thanks SOF, yeah it’s getting REAL old real FAST…time to take them down!
Did you know Palin used the neighbors to go after the Kid? First it was Lorna who accused a black man of rape he didn’t commit, then it was the Jeannette of that Palmer Church of God who took the Kid to the church, then it was the neighbors boyfriend Hap who held Sarah’s hand and “anything you need” offer…then there are more neighbors who rigged the Kids rig to kill the Kid, or the snowmobile trip to murder, gosh the list is long but it is late…hello Allen and Paul…how’s it going these days?
Now when all this evidence is presented in court, it will mean the end of freedom for lots of folks I am afraid…and the Kid has a global network of retired law officials who are investigating this and other matters that Palins and her pals did to many peoples…we are currently looking at that nurse that died in the house fire…keep being relentless Malia…it’s the only way to crack the cases that lay dormant due to politics…thank you.
    Thanks for your input and support! I’ll do my part, and if people in Alaska can help with the investigations there, that’s great!

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