Tuesday, January 15, 2013

John McCain Is Alive Four Years Later And Dem Scare Tactics About Palin "A Heartbeat Away From The Presidency" Are Now Seen In All Their Vileness

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Here are two Doctors discussing McCain's cancer in "Democracy for America 2008 campaign ad. Shame on all involved

Even though it is an utter myth that "McCain choosing Palin cost him the presidency" as all major post election analysis proves the left still trots such rubbish out from time to time when it suits them.

The latest binge of leftist lies and hate was recently when McCain (and others) opposed the nomination of Susan Rice to replace Hillary Clinton at State. The social media was alight with post after post advising that McCain had no right to make any such opposition as his judgement was so flawed by choosing Palin as his VP nominee "a heartbeat away from the presidency of an old man".

Well here we are more than four years after the 2008 election with McCain not only hale and hearty but with judgement, if anything, actually even better than ever as his opposition to Rice brought out her flaws and any thoughts of proceeding with it ceased.

It is no guarantee of course but McCain's genetic inheritance would have led one to believe that he has some time to go in this world as his mother was a great age when he was nominated. But whatever the case it would have seemed very unlikely, even with the pressures of office that the left envisages killing him off, that McCain would have died within say the first two years of his presidency by which time Palin would have been more than up to speed-but such obvious facts did not enter into the scurrilous Obama campaign teams directives to their troops as to what message they spread.

Speaking of scurrilous as regards this whole shameful episode in leftist Alinsky campaigning the worst was from the medical field-to their utter shame, Two doctors were trotted out for Obama campaign commercials discussing McCain's history of cancer treatment and how that may have impacted on him going forward if elected. 

The doctors violated their Hippocratic oath and were/are hypocritical oafs-one can only hope they never live down the shame