Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Immoral Minority Palin Haters Confirm They Are Drug Abusers And Manic Depressive Patients.The Source Of PDS Finally Revealed

I knew that the hideous alleged humans at 
"Immoral Minority" were fit subjects for research into psychological delusions but wasn't sure exactly what brought them to that state. 

In the latest hate session induced by their lead warlock one Gryphen they have revealed exactly what cause their Palin Delusion Syndrome (PDS) disease.

They are substance abusers psychologically impaired to the extent of  needing medical intervention.

This from their own mouths (or whatever orifice they speak out of. First a prime example of utter delusion-Todd Palin is according to them, poisoning his wife. Then, after numerous other mad schemes and nightmares, some deluded souls let out what got them to this PDS state.

There are untold riches for PhD students into the morbid personality at that site but the denizens have saved some research time by explaining the root cause of their delusions.

Anonymous10:13 AM
I have suggested before that Todd may be slowly poisoning her. He would have a lot to gain with all her money and her out of the picture.

Anonymous10:28 AM
This grandma used to look and act just like that. That is until I entered an intensive 120 day inpatient substance abuse program.

She is fucked up, and I would bet that it is a whole smorgasboard of drugs. Meth, Oxy, Xanax, you name it.

Anonymous7:24 AM
That's how I walked after the doctor gave me a bunch of mood stabilizer meds & benzos to snap me out of a manic episode.