Sunday, January 13, 2013

If Sarah Palin Accepted Your Dinner Party Invitation Which Five Others Would You Invite?

Lets say that you wrote to Sarah Palin and said that if she was ever in your neighbourhood you would be delighted to have her as a dinner guest. 

Then, lo and behold a letter postmarked Wasilla Alaska arrives and upon opening  it Sarah graciously advises that yes, she will be in your neck of the woods next week and woudl be delighted to break bread with you. It sounds just like the sort of thing she would do being 'the great commoner" that she is.

Now you would want to make the evening interesting for Sarah, it would be taken for granted it will be interesting for you. So as to make the event not a one sided affair you would of course invite five interesting people to add to the wine, and the catered food (catered not because luxury is required but so that you wouldn't need to spend a moment away from the table in the kitchen missing a bon mot).

But who? Well if I were so honored by such an acceptance my guest list (I would be confident they would attend) would comprise no current politicians-I would look to open, unguarded, and frank conversation unhindered by the Beltway iron curtain.

Robert Stacy McCain the fiery conservative (natch) journalist who runs "The Other McCain" (along with his trusty side kick "Smitty"-an extra chair would be appropriate for an amanuensis). I would envisage a spirited discussion about the state of the GOP, conservatism and the administration.

Mary Beth House; an editor at the now venerable "Conservatives4Palin. House would be an ideal representative the view of young conservatives and I would be confident Palin would find her refreshing and challenging.

Greta Van Susteren; a television journalist who is outspoken but a voice of reason. Worldly but in touch with the common man and a skilled conversationalist.

Ben Bernanke; because it would be fascinating hear him justify  in an informal surrounds, his economic policies and to hear him present a vision for America based on them. Palin's interlocutory response with him would be fascinating as it would probably be the only opportunity to hear an unsanitised, stock response that we get in front of congressional hearings.

Jon Stewart; just for the heck of it. He is after all a highly intelligent man and funny with it to boot and of all the leftist comedians he has, from time to time of course, been one of the very few who has given Palin a fair time of it.

That's my guest list and I would be sure a good time would be had by one and all (except perhaps Mr. Bernanke but no one forced him to attend eh?).

No doubt others could come up with a far more scintillating guest list-who would you wish to invite and why?