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Yahoo's Mark Whittington Sees 2016 As A Rematch Of The 2008 VP Debate-This Time For The Presidency

Yahoo contributor Mark Whittington sees a rematch of the 2008 VP debate-this time for the presidency in 2016

Election 2016: Not Bush vs. Clinton, but Palin vs. Biden

COMMENTARY | Allahpundit at Hot Air is relating what he thinks may be a nightmare scenario for 2016, the presidential candidacy of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the brother of one former president and the son of another. It just smacks too much of dynastic politics.

This is especially true if Bush wound up running against Hillary Clinton, the wife of a former president, former senator and soon to be former secretary of state.
Political dynasties on the presidential level have a mixed record in American politics. The Kennedys never really took off, due to their tendency to either be assassinated (John and Robert) or get into trouble (Edward and the entire second generation of the Kennedys.) Since the Bushes have avoided both pitfalls, they have been a little more successful. Certainly Jeb Bush, despite his last name and advanced years, would be a viable presidential candidate. And, according to Politico, Jeb Bush's son, George P. Bush, is getting ready to run for statewide office in Texas in 2014. Look for him to be a presidential candidate in, say, 2028.

Political dynasties usually prosper because of nostalgia. While President Bill Clinton managed to maintain peace and prosperity through the 1990s, his personal misbehavior may have made people yearn for the less-embarrassing Bush family enough so that George W. Bush managed to squeak by in the 2000 election. Will four more years of Obama misrule finally lay to rest the blame placed on the bad economy upon the younger Bush, thus opening the way for his brother to climb the greasy pole to the presidency? Stranger things have happened and likely will.

Of course the real matchup that would make 2016 entertaining is not between one or more people who have had relatives in the Oval Office. Imagine if Vice President Joe Biden becomes the Democratic nominee. Would not the Republicans be well advised to respond by nominating Sarah Palin?

Before the black legend of Sarah Palin, psycho bimbo, was concocted by the media and Hollywood, Palin delivered an epic beating upon Biden during the 2008 vice presidential debate. In the four years hence, Biden has only gotten more gaffe-prone and Palin has only gotten stronger. The rematch four years from now would be epic.

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