Sunday, December 2, 2012

Independent Sentinel Major Article; "Dear Sarah Palin – Is A Third Political Party Being Formed?"

The Independent Sentinel News Accumulator has this major Palin centered article (which starts of in negative territory but soon veers into structured  no-nonsense analysis) which asks the questions that many others have been considering. At the end of the day the question might well be directed towards the Republican establishment they have two choices.

 1. Reverse the exclusionary tactics they chose against Palin in Tampa and afterwards or 2. Continue the tactics and perhaps force her into a third party run which would destroy the GOP and create a new, eventually successful conservative force.In passing the author is more than bit presumptious in expecting Palin herself to discuss such an important question directly.

Dear Sarah Palin – Is A Third Political Party Being Formed?

December 2, 2012
She was conspicuously absent from the campaign trail and only gave  Mitt Romney token support – and not even much of that!  Her PAC doled out many thousands of dollars in support of Conservative House and Senate candidates, but the lady herself basically sat out the 2012 election.  Her appearances on the TV talk shows dropped like a rock.  She even changed her hairstyle and almost no one noticed.  What happened?  And what’s Sarah Palin up to now?
A trip to her website blog is pretty much a waste of time.  Palin stopped blogging several months ago.
I hear she’s been slightly more active on Facebook and makes an occasional visit to Twitter, but for the most part, Sarah Palin has been missing in action.

From Governor Palin’s Facebook Page
Is all of this inaction by design?  I believe it is.  Is Sarah Palin quietly building the framework to launch a third political party – one that requires Conservative values and totally disallows Republicans In Name Only and all Democrats?  She just might be.
Take a closer look at what Mrs. Palin did during the 2012 elections.  She focused totally on real Conservative candidates and put her money where her mouth is by writing large checks.  Ted Cruz is a perfect example.  The Texas Senator elect enjoyed major TEA Party support, most especially from Sarah Palin.  He demolished the sitting Lieutenant Governor,  David Dewhurst in the Republican primary runoff, 57-43 percent, and in the general election, Cruz prevailed with 56.6-40.5 percent over Democrat Paul Sadler.  Winning a general election by 15% is the very definition of a landslide.

Just one example, I realize, but a perfect example of the kind of political clout Sarah Palin still carries and if the comment section at the Huffington Post, AOL and the Daily Kos are any indication, liberal Democrats fear Sarah Palin greatly.  She’s proven time and time again that she can draw huge crowds and motivate people to political action – no easy task on today’s political circus grounds.  She’s still the face of the TEA Party and her strong public support for Ted Cruz is proof thereof.

The former Governor of Alaska put in a strong appearance (doesn’t she always?) in a recent interview with Greta Van Susteren on her Fox News TV show “On The Record”.  She and Van Susteren minced no words in ripping the Obama administration and the mainstream media for failing to investigate the murder of four Americans at Benghazi.  Palin’s comments drew immediate top billing from all the major media outlets – another strong indication of her political strength.
You can watch that interview by clicking right here.

All of the post-election public appearances and statements leave me believing that Sarah Palin saw Mitt Romney as a centrist Republican and the best she could do is hold her nose and vote for him because he was a far better choice than Obama, but not her first choice as a candidate – not by a long shot.
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