Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Compendium Of Leftist Feminists Attacks On Sarah Palin; Hypocrisy From Steinem To Quinn To Taylor Marsh

Without going into any psychological or perhaps evolutionary underpinnings for the collective feminists hate, disparagement, condescension and utter hypocrisy towards Sarah Palin (a considered review of the feminists offering below would lead one to certain conclusions) it is best I think to let them speak for themselves.

One would consider that, surely, no matter what the degree of political differences feminists might have with Palin, that they would, at the very least, celebrate her various achievements in what they consider to be a patriarchal world. 

The fact that she has risen from utter Alaskan invisibility to be noted by millions, to be elected as a Governor and then to be one the most popular in history and then to run for the second highest office in the land is ignored, denigrated, ridiculed by the very women (with the rarest of exceptions) who might instead have celebrated the achievements-if not the person.

But Palin has committed the utmost leftist sin of walking the pro-life walk under the most challenging of circumstances. Perhaps one of her most lasting achievements will have been to expose the radical feminist left for the utter hypocrites and snobs they are. Again, here they are speaking for themselves in all those facets.

A classic piece of utter hypocrisy is exemplified by the
execrable "Taylor Marsh" (a die hard Hillary fan) who has deposited numerous anti-Palin attacks. Marsh has the utter nerve to find wonderment in Palin's achievements when it suits her to use Palin as a mechanism to bash Mitt Romney;  "Mitt Romney's Palin Problem Is A Republican Women's issue"     AT THIS LINK
In an interview for @katiecouric, writer and activist Gloria Steinem responded to Sarah Palin calling herself a feminist, saying, "you can't be a feminist who says other women can't have an abortion". She also said Palin wants to make abortion "criminal and dangerous." This is of course utter rubbish. Palin has stated the issue is not one she would legislate for, or that the federal government should be involved in. It is an issue of pure democracy and a states rights issue. 

Palin is pro-life, but would see that relaxed where the mother's life is an issue, but those are her personal beliefs. She does not "want to make abortion criminal and dangerous" she wants the issue dealt with by voters where they so choose to address it.
Women's Media Center president Jehmu Greene is the other feminist interviewed.

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The "Flopping Aces" site reproduces an outstanding Andrew Breitbart attack: "The Elite feminist Attack machine"
on the "feminists" Kouric/Fey/Dowd who attacked Palin. He then introduces "Violet at the Reclusive Leftist" who turns out to be a rare and precious thing a fair minded leftist feminist who defended Palin. Again, a brilliant analysis by clever minds.

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One Katie Halper on MSNBC describes Palin as "A selective opportunist feminist" and defines feminism, in an almost unparalleled example of pure leftist elitism, as "a set of beliefs that Sarah Palin doesn't have".

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Playwright (The Vagina Monologues)  Eve Ensler makes, as described by Bill O'Reilly, and condemned by Leslie Marshall, a vicious attack" on Sarah Palin. This on the Joy Behar Show. 
Ensler says of Palin "She's insane and has a level of intelligence that has not evolved... it's unbelievable that she should run for vice-president" Behar, of course, agrees.

Marshall (to give her her due she is a fair-minded liberal) in overviewing leftist feminists, firstly describes Palin's
genuine achievements as an elected administrator and advises
that "women are women's worst enemies"

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Here a discussion hosted by Laura Ingraham where conservative feminist Kellyanne Conway demolishes the leftist feminists attacks on Palin. Describing the root cause as jealousy "She (Palin) makes them (the spinster, childless (see T. Marsh) columnists especially) crazy with her pro-life and lifestyle" and advises that most such criticism comes from females.Sally Quinn has nothing to say in reply effectively and in fact and Conway calls her out for having written a column:  

"Palin's pregnancy problem" which puts the
lie to Quinn's spurious attempt at even handedness.

Here is the link to the Ingraham/Conway/Quinn interview

Columnist Marc H. Rudov calls them the “fascist feminists.”  He writes "These are the feminists in the media and elsewhere who detest Sarah Palin because of her role as a successful wife and mother and defender of the unborn. 

Palin’s decision to have a Down syndrome child, when 90 percent of these children are being aborted in the womb, has proven in dramatic terms not only that there are articulate pro-life women in America but that there are women who will take a leadership role on “culture of life” issues of concern to millions."

"The feminists and their allies in the media, who treat abortion as a human right,
when abortion destroys basic human rights, are on the defensive. 

Meanwhile, the culture war is back, and it is clear that most of the controversy over Palin is being driven largely by feminists in the media. On MSNBC, a lesbian
feminist, Rachel Maddow, is leading the assault. She is the latest addition to the far-left lineup at this poor excuse for a cable “news” channel.

“This intragender war marks the official unmasking of fascist feminism,”

Rudov writes in his insightful article on the website. Palin “rose from hockey
mom to state governor without affirmative action,” he notes, and has “proved
publicly that women can succeed without being victims.”

What’s more, notes Rudov, “Sarah Palin has achieved success while expressing love and admiration for her husband, anathema to the misandrist underpinning of fascistic feminism.”

Palin can never be forgiven for this. That is why she must be destroyed.

Beyond her role as a pro-life mother who loves her husband, Palin is a reminder to the feminists that what they are screaming for in the battle for the right to
“choice” is not only a human life but in many cases a disabled child, one of
the most innocent and defenseless among us."

Here is the related "Why Feminists hate Palin" Link


I wrote about this subject commencing with this extract. I have an utter loathing for McEwen at the arrogant and often foul mouthed "feminist" site Shakesville

"The vitriolic hatred of Sarah Palin by the radical feminists, as exemplified especially by the Blog “Shakesville,” shows, beyond doubt, the terrible dilemma and schizophrenic mindset the conundrum that is Sarah Palin has put such feminists into.

The entire article is at this link: