Friday, November 9, 2012

The Debate "Palin 2016" Commences On Free Republic With 209 Lively Comments

The "Free Republic" site has a comment section on Sarah Palin running for President in 2016. There is reference to this site I am delighted to add, as the opinions of, especially, young activists are most welcome to see and if I can add anything to the debate, or stimulate its commencement, then it energizes to provide further data etc.

Upon a link to this site opening at FR a lively debate ensued with, so far 209 comments. As would be expected there is a wide variety of views, but the impression I get is there is substantial support for Sarah Palin being the 2016 candidate, with many expressions of utter dedication to that concept-the sooner it happens the better.

Here is the first comment below plus commencement of the dialogue and the entire comment structure, which runs to many pages-which is an indication of the strong interest in Palin running (click the link text) 

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Palin4President 2016
Palin4President 2016 ^ | November 8, 2012 | M. Joseph Shepard 
Posted on Fri Nov 09 2012 10:25:42 GMT+1300 (New Zealand Daylight Time) by Art in Idaho

"I know it's early. . . but we can't give up. Sarah and Rubio would be a dynamite combo. "