Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jonathan Tobin How Did That "Romney Has Wind In Sails Palin is Biggest Loser" Work out For Ya?

Here's Jonathan Tobin writing at the  Commentary site in the post coital glow of the GOP convention on the conventions "Winners and Losers'

First here's extracts from his comments on "big winner" Mitt Romney:

 [Romney]emerges from the convention with a strong running mate, a party united in its dislike of his opponent and some wind in his sails. We’ll find out in November if that is enough but right now, he’s looking stronger than he has all year.

And here is his remarks on his "big loser," Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin:[Palin] still has a cadre of faithful followers who can be relied upon to angrily and sometimes profanely protest whenever she is referred to in less than laudatory terms. But Tampa proved what we already knew about her. She’s yesterday’s news.

That was August 31st-how are things looking for Tobin/Romney/Palin after Romney/Ryan crashes out ?

And one of his  run of disasters-here's his "47%" 

Mr. Romney had his campaign in disarraychanging tack as far as messaging in concerned, as was  under massive media and independent commentators criticism for his overly hasty comments on the Mid-east situation. 

The wind in his sails seems to have slackened somewhat and replaced by a chorus of complaints from his own party about his lacklustre, unfocused and mid-directed campaign.

Sarah Palin seems to be more than vindicated in turning down the opportunity extended to her to speak at the GOP convention and is thus not tarred with disastrous campaign ship. For what it is worth, and it covers a number of years, this on-line poll shows her popularity steadily increasing and the USA Today political reporter produced a video advising she is very much in play for a 2016 run.

Well now we will see who has the wind in their sails and who is yesterday's" person.

Mr. Tobin should consider adding his name to the losers section of an updated version of the GOP convention article.

Here is an example of Mr. Tobin's predictive abilities:

The GOP Race is Going to be a Snore
Jonathan S. Tobin | @tobincommentary
09.07.2011 - 10:38 PM

The big story at the Republican debate at the Reagan Library was Rick Perry’s debut on the presidential stage. The question for the GOP was whether the Texas governor who vaulted to a huge lead after entering the race last month could sustain that margin in the heat of the battle. The answer was that by the end of the evening nothing had changed. Despite constant attacks from his opponents, Perry is still way ahead and set up to win the nomination easily