Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Israpundit" (Israel Supporting Site) Has "Sarah Palin Would Have Won" Post/Comments Up

The aptly named "Israpundit" Israel supporting site has a very good review of the election and ponders what the result might have been if Sarah Palin had been the candidate as per this example:

    Romney lost because he simply couldn’t turn out the vote. McCain/Palin turned out 6.2 Million more voters than Romney/Ryan did and that is all it would have taken to beat Obama this time around if you look at the numbers. Perhaps Romney should put some thought into what is was that McCain had that helped produce an extra 6.2 million votes, that helped create the tidal wave of the 2010 mid-term victories… here’s a hint… she wears lipstick.
Romney decided to shun Palin and the Tea Party. He was hoping to capture her base on the theory that they would vote for him based on Anybody But Obama mentality.
Therefore, she was a bigger issue than the horrible record of Obama.
Probably a Palin/Rubio ticket this time around would have clobberred the ONE
The GOP establishment essentially blackballed her to prevent her from running.
The Breitbart News Network and Judicial Watch partnered with Public Opinion Strategies to conduct an election night survey:"

As would be expected there is a vigorous response with views on many sides but the overall tenor is agreement that Palin would have been and could be an excellent and winning choice.

The site is AT THIS LINK