Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Election Over So Leftist Daily Kos Runs Two Attacks Against...Sarah Palin

For someone the left writes off as "Irrelevant" and "Sarah Who" ( the latter being utterly childish but what would you expect at a juvenile site like Daily Kos) the just can't let their hatred of Palin alone.

Within a week of the election being over you would think that Palin would be the last person the "progressive" kids would concern themselves with but clearly she live sin their heads rent free-it being over four years since she ran for anything, but still they have a go at her.

Two post surfaced (first link)

"Empress Sarah's new clothes"  

which, as far as I can decipher the snark and rancid attacks the message, such as it is, is that Palin  was paid off by the GOP Establishment not to run and, since she didn't, she is untainted by the loss. 

Now, apparently she is free to roam America making money whilst pretending to run in 2016. These people are immature jerks clearly but hey, its a free country and the site owner one Kos Moulitsis can, like Huffington post, make money off people who write there for free.

Not satisfied with one Palin bashing, another post came up entitled: (at this link)

"Thanks for asking!
I'm happy to report that the Hopey Changey Thing is going pretty well, thank you. I might even say surprisingly well, given that your party has done everything they can think of to kill it.
Let me return the favor by asking: how is that "build wealth, power, influence, and celebrity through right-wing politics" thing going for you?
Call me, OK?
Your fan,

Utterly childish silliness marked the post  reproduced above, and which subsequently had random childish comments and of course misogynistic attacks against Palin as a woman. Did I mention these people are immature jerks?

Not all of them perhaps. This person posted a comment which shows why the attacks keep coming:

* [new]  Lots of talk about Latinos ... (0+ / 0-)
This is superficial "strategy" talk, nothing more.
Immigration reform will not be enough to save them.
Still not much talk on women's issues - such as equal pay, most women see it clearly (conservative women see the good 'ole boys corporate world clearly as well) ...
I don't agree with her, and I don't think Palin is an electable candidate - but a lot of people do, I believe we will see her in 2016 -and she will be nominated in the GOP primary.
We'll know who won the GOP "civil war" then.
If not us ... who? If not here ... where? If not now ... when?

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