Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wonkette's Schoenkopf Again Sacrifices Palin/All Women At The Altar Of Leftism Whilst Admitting To "Earning" Off Her

Here is Wonkette's Rebbecca Schoenkopf once again throwing the sisterhood under the bus with yet another attack on Sarah Palin  "You guys Sarah Palin is wasting away"

Attack Palin on policy, on her record as governor (90% approval rating)-not a chance. Those aspects of Palin's life, and a myriad of others, are all genuine areas for disagreement, and even satire, if that is how one views matters of import.

Schoenkopf  however attacks Palin's image as a woman. Her clothes, physical appearance, lifestyle in fact all matters which would hardly ever come up for discussion if it concerned a man. At the height of President Clinton's degrading of the Oval Office was there one article which commented on his shoes, or his hair or the color of his suit? Of course not.

There are obviously two standards when it comes to reporting on men and women. With women anything about their appearance, no matter how irrelevant to the matter at hand politically or policy wise, is fair game.

People like Schoenkopf, who wear the mask of equality for women, do more harm than any conservative commentator who sticks to facts not fancy. Leftists "feminists' who attack conservative women on their appearance, and other matters of a personal nature, do more than only hurt the chances of conservative women being taken seriously.

That ill judged criticism spills over into the wider national consciousness and sticks to all women, including leftists, who are trying to succeed in a difficult environment.

To make matters worse Schoenkopf clearly states she is only in it for the money "We need you at your fighting weight, Sarah Palin, so you can continue to ruin the world every time you open your tattooed lips, and we can continue to pay our rent off it. "

Could there be a more revealing, self-damaging, anti-female comment?