Thursday, October 11, 2012

Video: Washington TV Station's Delightful Report On Sarah Palin's Dad's Visit To Promote Book "She's Punished For Being Incorruptible"

Sarah Palin's family in town to promote new book By Whitney Ward Published: Oct 10, 2012 at 11:16 PM PDT RICHLAND -- As the campaign season continues to ramp up, there is one voice we haven't heard much: Sarah Palin. But she was the "talk of the town" Wednesday night in Richland. Palin's father and brother are authors of a new book about the Sarah they know. The two held a signing event at the Richland Hasting's. "She's my little sister," says Chuck Heath, Jr. "I want them to see Sarah as I saw her." Father, Chuck Heath, and brother, Chuck Heath, Jr. have been working for the last year, collecting their personal stories and documenting Sarah's life and the Alaska experiences they say shaped the women she became. Heath, Sr. says, "We wanted to set people straight on Sarah. There's been so much garbage written about her." It's a sentiment many supporters share in the Tri Cities, and exactly why they wanted to get their hands on the Heath's new book, "Our Sarah: Made in Alaska." "The truth is," says Richland resident Judy Keplinger, "It appears to me, that she's being punished for being incorruptible. And I want to read how she got that way." The father and son duo also say some of the stories in their personal account highlight a Tri Cities connection. "We didn't have any money as a kid, and once in a while, we got to take a vacation," recalls Heath, Jr. "And probably two or three times, our vacation was to come to the Tri Cities and hang out in Richland. So, this place just floods me with memories." And with family, friends, and fans by their side, those memories continue. The book hit shelves two weeks ago. It's foreword was written by Sarah Palin herself.