Monday, October 22, 2012

Video (Hannity)Sarah Palin reviews Obama/Romney Foreign Affairs debate

Sarah Palin: Obama ‘arrogant’ and ‘factually untrue’ in debate tonight Gov. Palin joined Sean Hannity on Fox News for post-debate analysis Monday night and said that President Obama's "lies are catching up with him." She said the president's demeanor was "arrogant" and that many of his points tonight were "factually untrue." The Republican Party's 2008 vice presidential candidate hammered Obama for making bad decisions on the budget, energy security, sequestration and U.S. foreign relations and then being disingenuous about these issues during the debate. She added that she wishes the media would "call Obama out on these lies." Gov. Palin, whose oldest son Track is currently in the Army serving his second tour in the Middle East, listed a number of things Obama could have done during his time in the White House to support and show respect for our military, but said he has failed to do them. The former Alaska governor bemoaned the fact that Obama made so many false charges against his opponent tonight that there was not sufficient time in the 90-minute debate for Mitt Romney to answer all of them. But she added, "We have 16 days to get people to open their eyes" to the choice they face in the 2012 election. Video courtesy of SarahNET | Cross-posted at US for Palin & Josh Painter