Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The One Unique Political Trait Obama And Palin Share

'No drama Obama" was a catchword amongst political commentators throughout the long drawn out democrat Hillary versus Barack primary  battle and the subsequent general election campaign against John McCain.

When Hillary won New Hampshire after her huge loss in Iowa, the pundits blared loudly about her come back and that, with the special delegates she had in the bag, she would go on to easily win the nomination.

When The Reverend Wright videos surfaced it looked like the Obama campaign was in serious difficulties.  Then, after the introduction of Sarah Palin, the McCain/Palin team jumped into the lead in the polls.

The key aspect of all these difficulties for the Obama campaign was the totally calm and measured response from candidate Obama. There can be no question that that seeming unflappable reserve, and confidence, contributed to his election. 

With the massive collapse of the banking system to ask the American voters to elect an unproven and untried junior senator would have been unthinkable unless that person exuded the calm in the storm attitude that Obama did.

This same exuding of calm and confidence assisted President Obama through the oil spillage crisis, the ongoing economic recession and other major challenges of his presidency. 

The fact that four years later "hope and change" has not brought the benefits that such campaign sloganeering promised, is no doubt contributing to the closeness of the current race. But, once again, Obama's measured confident air is assisting him towards what looks like a narrow victory when others would have been soundly defeated.

When Romney, as judged by nearly all observers, soundly won the first debate Obama, instead of going into panic mode at the prospect of his presidency ending in a few short weeks, kept in character during the debate hiatus and did what he had to do restore the campaign to an even keel in the second debate.

None of this reflection on what is clearly a major asset to Obama's success is in any way a praise of his polices or administration.  If we move beyond pure partisanship though, and consider the matter dispassionately, there can be no question that this "no drama" aspect of his personality is a major asset which is not shared by many.

One person who does have this same trait of careful consideration and measurement of a given situation, no matter how dramatic it may, be is Sarah Palin. 

No matter how much the leftist media and Dem's attacked her in the most scurrilous manner, she responded with a measured counter attack or ignored it. 

An attack on her children, her marriage, her faith in the manner it has been delivered' would have surely caused a most violent reaction in lesser people' but Palin stood above it or answered in righteous anger.

Palin was written off after the 2008 campaign, after the dreadful false charge of involvement in the Gifford's tragedy, after her being forced by a financially destructive hate campaign to resign as governor and her decision not to run in 2012. If that was not enough, she was snubbed by the Romney campaign, but still Palin continues as a major force in the GOP.

A number of senators will be elected this November almost entirely because Palin endorsed them during their primary campaigns, and even the leftist media acknowledge her huge contribution to the GOP mid-terms landslide.

Palin marches to the beat of her own drum without worrying about the "haters" and with a measured, calm and rational attitude which will see her, as it indisputably has President Obama, through many challenges.  It is a unique quality that she shares with the current president, and will serve her, as it has him, in good stead should she seek that office.