Friday, October 12, 2012

Palin Also VP Debate Winner:When Was A Previous VP Candidate Ever Mentioned In Next Debate Have So Much Media Coverage?

So much for the "Palin costs McCain the election" rubbish the left has spewed for the last four years-now the media meme is "actually VP debates don't influence people"-and they have dug out stats to "prove" their point.

But nothing is as it seems, or should be when, when the media/Dem's deal with the "irrelevant" Palin

For someone supposedly irrelevant Palin sure had an inordinate amount of media coverage.Four television programs on Fox, Los Angeles Times and other media  articles on her opinions, endless Twitter comments (including of course the mad, irrational hateful type).

And then, during the Biden/Ryan debate her "death panels" quote was brought up (and 
lampooned later by Palin) by Vice-President Biden. When has the VP candidate of the losing team four years earlier ever formed part of the subsequent VP debate-never of course. But, she's "irrelevant" so it is a puzzle as to why she should be mentioned.

The left Tweeted, seemingly endlessly, that Palin had done better than Ryan. No doubt this is a co-coordinated (and easily seen through  ploy on their part to somehow create meme that Ryan did worse than "dumb" Palin. Amidst all that dross it could be clearly seen that a lot people did actually compare Palin with Ryan and found she did better.

The general feeling in 2008 was that Palin, at least, drew with Biden. If Ryan was perceived as coming of second best or having drawn, then Palin was either better than Ryan against the same opponent or equal with him.

This is why Palin was a winner last night. Not just for all the media and public attention which belied, once again, the 'irrelevant" meme but looking to 2016 it holds perhaps a key value.

If Romney loses, and Ryan chooses to run then Palin, if she decides to run, will be, at least, on perceived equal footing with him. Both will have run and lost, Palin under much more difficult circumstances as she had to fight the Dem's/media/economic crash/Bush legacy/backstabbing. Both will have debated in an election on the national stage, and Palin will be perceived as having done as well, if not better than Ryan and will have senior status as a candidate.