Saturday, October 13, 2012

New PPP Ohio Poll Has Obama 51% Romney 46%: 19% Voted Already at 76%/24% Romney

Here is the latest polling of Ohio from PPP (D) polling;

This is a Dem/Kos polling outfit which must be born in mind. However Marist has Ohio: Obama 51 Romney 45% and Rasmussen, which skews Republican, has Obama with a 
1 point lead 48% to 47%.

As is well known, no Republican has won the White House without Ohio. If President Obama holds this lead on election day, and with so many votes in the bank it would be difficult to see him losing the state, the path to 270 for Romney becomes problematical to say the least. 

If Obama holds the 2004 "Kerry" states and wins Ohio/Nevada/New Mexico  (he could lose one vote in Maine) and still win) which looks very likely he will win re-election as per this map. 

He could lose Iowa and New Hampshire and still get to the required 270 Electoral College votes.