Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Major Media Expose With Photo's:Noted Commentator "Photo's of "Skinny Sarah (Palin) Were Nonsense".

Noted Blogger Gary P Jackson from the popular "A Time For Choosing  site delivered his righteous anger at the leftist media who, once again, attack Sarah Palin-not for her ideas or policies, but on her looks and clothes. (I addressed this as well as regards the anti-feminist leftist "feminists). 

If anything shows the facile, distorted and biased nature of the mass media it is their attitude to Sarah Palin. Jackson explores this in a well researched article, reproduced in part with permission and thanks (with a link to the whole post at his site).

It is hard to read this without getting one's blood pressure up but it is important to see things with the media filter in place and, as with this post, with it removed. Hopefully the end result is an even more dedicated to Palinism support base.

Media’s Newest Nonsensical Meme: Sarah Palin is “Alarmingly Skinny”

Sarah Palin circa 2010
By Gary P Jackson
Sarah Palin is writing a fitness book, so the dishonest media had to create a narrative to go with the news. As usual, the narrative isn’t positive. Nope, it’s designed to paint Sarah as some sort of weight obsessed loon. Now I guess dealing with Hollywood “stars” and their crazy insecurities, these hack writers figured they could project their insanity onto Sarah.
We’ve seen the media try this before, so this isn’t a big shocker that they’d try it again. They’ve attempted to paint Sarah, a corruption buster, as corrupt herself [with the help of Barack Obama's hand-picked Alaska bloggers] and that blew up in their faces. They’ve called her a liar ["death panels" was called lie of the year by the corrupt Politifact bunch] only to have Obama regime employees come and and verify what she said is true!
The media even blood libeled Sarah [and the entire Tea Party] after Congresswoman Giffords was attacked and others murdered only to find out the gunman was actually a left winger who had been stalking Giffords for years, long before anyone knew who Sarah Palin was, or the Tea Party had been formed. The media never apologized.
There are dozens of examples that you already know.
I don’t generally comment on Sarah Palin’s looks. It simply isn’t relevant to who she is, what she’s about, and why we support her. But let’s face it, Sarah Palin is an attractive woman. Forty-eight and the mother of five, Sarah can hold her own with women half her age in the looks department.
She has natural good looks, and takes excellent care of herself. She eats well and lives in an excellent, naturally unspoiled environment.
Sarah is a lifelong athlete. From chopping wood when she was a kid, to playing championship winning basketball in high school, to long distance running, [she ran a marathon faster at 45 than Paul Ryan could in his 20s] she’s always had an athlete’s build. Still, the talking points have been sent out, and the meme is: Sarah is “alarmingly skinny,” “anorexic,” “scary skinny,” and the ever popular “on a starvation diet“!
I hate the gossip rags, but my email alerts have been overflowing with these dishonest articles. Dozens of them!
I hate linking to them, but here’s a few. Us Magazine went with the headline:Skinny Sarah Palin Wears Off-the-Shoulder Shirt in Los Angeles and ran this photo:
Skinny Sarah Palin Wears Off-the-Shoulder Shirt in Los Angeles
Sarah showed off her skinny frame in a revealing off-the-shoulder cropped top and tight, dark jeans. The busy mom carried groceries in high yellow wedges and stylish shades.
She was at K-Mart, if you’re curious. She doesn’t look skinny to me! The article goes on to remind readers that Bristol said Sarah is “way hotter” than Julianne Moore [no argument here] and panned her pathetic attempt to play her mom in the DNC hit piece disguised as a movie: Game Change
Speaking of Moore, the Internet Movie Database ranks Julianne number six in a recent article entitled: Top 10 Female celebrities who are ugly no matter what Hollywood says. Ouch!
Hollywood Life went with Sarah Palin Scary Skinny: Drops 35 Pounds, Says Expert. Yeah, they went and found an “expert” to lend credence to this bullshit!
They also published this side-by-side:
A few problems with the comparison. Obviously the business attire Sarah was wearing as she gave her Vice Presidential acceptance speech doesn’t exactly show off her figure. And let’s not forget that she had just given birth to Trig, child number five, only a few months prior.
Let’s look at Sarah in a more “revealing” outfit from last year. This is from the 2011 Iowa State Fair:
Here’s she’s getting ready to appear on The Sean Hannity Show. Sean was live at the Iowa State Fair:
Don’t know the story behind this photo, be she’s definitely showing off her figure, and if Sarah has been on some sort of “scary crash diet” she’s been on it for over a year, which if true, would have killed her by now!
Other than angles and lighting, I don’t see any difference in Sarah Palin’s absolutely stunning figure, then and now.
TMZ took a different route, showing a photo of Sarah reading the National Enquirer which had a story trashing Bristol for having corrective surgery on her jaw [and running the most unflattering photos possible] as well as buying toilet paper. Buying toilet paper is huge news these days!
The Brits got in on the action as well, running one of their overblown style of articles: ‘I’m writing a fitness book!’ Sarah Palin hits back as the row grows over her shocking new skinny figure. Yeah, that’s the headline!
Controversial Sarah Palin has been forced to hit back after being caught up in a furore over her new scarily skinny figure.
Mrs Palin, 48, debuted her new look as she strolled through California’s Studio City, dressed in an outfit that appeared to have been plundered from one of her young daughter’s wardrobes.
Dressed in tight black jeans, a crop top that looked like it had been stolen off the set of Flashdance, and high wedges, the former vice presidential hopeful looked a million miles away from the campaign trail.
But the look was greeted in less than flattering terms by many – prompting Mrs Palin to claim she is, in fact, now writing a fitness book.
How exactly is Sarah Palin “controversial” anyway? And the only reason she’s being “greeted in less than flattering terms” is because the “journalists” claim it to be so. Absolutely no one, including me, would be talking about Sarah’s looks if these clowns weren’t writing this nonsense!
People that support Sarah Palin support her because of who she is and what she stands for, not her looks, and the haters, well, they just hate. Most have no earthly idea why they hate her [just ask em] they just do.
Gary P Jackson