Thursday, October 25, 2012

Leftist "Wonkette" Uses Coulter's "Retard" As Excuse To Use Palin Retard & Her Children Are Not Todd's.Left Has No Moral Compass

The leftist hate site "Wonkette" has been thoroughly castigated for an article describing Sarah Palin's son as a "retard". They lost their advertising after a massive public outrage and the articles composer left the site shortly afterwards.

Under new editorship the use of the word "retard" was banned but the sites wolf pack took to using "rtrd" or r***rd and other such obvious ploys. Recently, where the word has been used, the editor has banned the post.Being socialist doesn't stop a site dependent on capitalist advertising for its revenues from protecting that source via self-censorship.

However, with the slightest opportunity to get around this problem making itself available, Wonkette's commentators have gone full bore "retard" once again.Having gone even further, without being censored (which was even commented on by one of their own) on an anti-Palin post, they have descended into the pit of Hell that is the Palin's children are not really hers by her husband meme.

This disgusting insinuation, which originated at the equally execrable leftist "progressive hate site "Daily Kos", and run with by the nut case sites like "Immoral Minority" was dredged up from the mire in 2008. The concept that Trig was not really Palin's child should offend all feminists, no matter what political views they hold, but apparently that doesn't hold true for "Wonkette"

 Ann Coulter using the word "retard" (which I have condemned) has, in their warped sense of morality, given Wonkette's commentators apparent license to use the word about Palin. Two wrongs do not make a right, and if there were a shred of decency and humanity on the left Wonkette should  immediately delete any reference to the word and ban  anyone who intimates that Palin's children are not hers or her husbands as well.

The left has lost any shred of moral compass it may have possessed in its utter hate of this conservative woman who they peremptorily dismiss as "irrelevant" yet continue to let themselves be dragged in the dirt by their utter crazed hate of her.

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