Friday, October 5, 2012

John McCain's Great Legacy: GOP Women/Minorities Encouraged By Palin's Example To Seek Office

John McCain will leave a tremendous legacy, soldier,statesman, role model amongst a myriad of accomplishments. One outstanding achievement which will touch countless lives is the striking number of women and minorities who have been encouraged to seek office for the GOP since he chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate in 2008.

Palin's first public statement when joined with McCain was to celebrate another attack on the 'glass ceiling". Her dynamic campaign was a beacon to who knows how many women who saw that a working woman and mother could reach for the second highest office in the land as a Republican.

Palin has not only led by example but she has actively encouraged, supported , endorsed and campaigned for women and minorities and a substantial number owe (and acknowledge it) their success to her support.

Ted Cruz in Texas has said this loud and clear,Deb Fischer in Nebraska, Nikki Hayley now Governor of South Carolina, Kelly Ayotte Senator from New Hampshire, Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico are just some of the more prominent names that Palin has encouraged and actively assisted.

There are now twice as many Republican women Governors as their are Democratic Women Governors and all were endorsed by Sarah Palin.It wasn't until 1981 when first Republican woman elected as a state Governor (Kay Orr in Nebraska) but since Palin was the VP candidate 4 have been elected.

Senator McCain said that choosing Palin was one of the best decisions he has ever made. To give him due honor the best decision was not only Palin but though her his decision has changed the face of the Republican party forever. Almost immediately the left's meme that the GOP was the party of white men was destroyed.

As prominent national and local elective positions are filled by more and more people from the great mass of plain folks, women, Hispanics, Blacks (Allen West being an outstanding example of the new Republican) the leftist meme of the "rich white man's party" will be totally destroyed. 

McCain's choice and Palin's achievements leading to party diversity will be a lasting monument to both. History may yet show them to be the ultimate winners of the 2008 election when a lasting legacy which changed peoples lives and America forever is considered

The challenges for women are still there of course as the 
Brown Politics Memo advises:

The suggested reasons for which women decide not to run for political office are numerous. However, it is undeniable that female candidates undergo a significant amount of scrutiny and criticism when running for office.
Female candidates, such as candidates Sarah Palin, Nancy Pelosi, Michele Bachmann, and Hillary Clinton, are often subjected to rude comments about their appearance, brutal challenges to their intelligence, and overall questioning about their ability to effectively govern.
But despite that, the good news continues:
Despite the influx of disappointing news about women’s issues in politics, American women finally have something to celebrate: According to the Center for American Women and Politics, there has been a significant increase in the number of women candidatesrunning for Congressional seats in the 2012 election. This year, 18 women are running for the Senate and 163 are running for the House of Representatives, an increase of 22 candidates from 2004’s record high.