Friday, October 19, 2012

If Romney Wins-Left/Media Wasted 4 Years Tearing Palin Down.Laugh/Karma Would Be On Them

If Mitt Romney wins on November 6th perhaps one of the biggest contributors to that victory will will the leftist media, Hollywood and of course the Democrats. The Beltway GOP Establishment and their media enablers (Mataconis et al) would also have to be tossed into the mix.

Why? Because they spent the last four years tearing into and tearing down Sarah Palin at every possible opportunity and with unprecedented ferocity.

Apparently the left perceived Palin, as the major threat to President Obama in both 2008 and looking ahead, to 2016. In mounting this attack, they left the rest of the potential GOP field relatively unscathed and unremarked upon until the actual GOP primary campaign commenced. At that point they had too many targets to focus on with much force until Romney cleared the field.

The fact that Romney was so far behind until the first debate shows just how effective the combined leftist forces were in mounting the attack in him in a short time, the "plutocratic out of touch elitist etc". Now that that was exploded in the first debate, the leftists forces have had to waste precious time regrouping and defending Obama, rather than continuing the attack against Romney.

If, instead of being obsessed and blinded with Palin hate over the last four years the left had attacked Romney with even a tiny portion of the venom they spewed against Palin (and her family) Romney would have had a much more difficult time of it in the campaign. So thin was the veneer of attack against Romney, the result of a short period of mind games with the public, that at the first opportunity it cracked into a million pieces.

It would be one of the best example of karma ever seen if, due to the lefts blind and illogical hatred of Palin they handed Romney the victory.