Saturday, October 27, 2012

First Photo's Of Palin Speaking At New Orleans Conference And Various Tweets Of Her Main Remarks

Palin: "There are some politicians that are addicted to O-P-M (she pronounced opium): Other people's money."

Palin: "We've been hearing a lot about the 1%, more recently the 47%... taxing, taking more is not the answer..."

Palin discussing Bristol's choice to dance to "Redneck Woman" on DWTS. Hilarious.

Palin: "The critics are going to criticize, the haters are gonna hate if your lot in life is to serve something greater than yourself."

Palin: "Our government is too big to succeed... We don't need a fundamental transformation of America."

Palin: "DC needs to begin to outsource their power and responsibility... It would give the press a much better perspective."

Palin: "[Lincoln secretary] Seward secured that land [Alaska] from Russia, which you really CAN see from Alaska!"

Palin out of context: "For the good of our future, it's time to drain the jacuzzi." It was, obviously, a metaphor.

Palin referring to EPA: "Let's call DC a wetland & shrink its growth."

Palin mentions DC has highest per-capita income, yet they run deficits, want more of our money.

Palin: "While 1 in 5 is looking for better work, DC is hiring. But for what? They don't manufacture... It's the permanent political class."

Palin: "For too long the far left has fused and infused community and government... Faith, family, and charity have nothing to do with govt"

Palin on DNC video: "I don't belong to government."

Palin: "There's nothing wrong with America that a good ole fashioned election can't fix. And I can't wait until Nov 6th."

Palin speaking now at New Orleans Investment Conference