Monday, October 1, 2012

Does This Major Newspaper's Photo Essay On Bristol Palin's Body Go Too Far?

Yes Bristol Palin can be placed in the category of "celebrity" but, as with Duchess Kate there has to be a limit to what constitutes "public interest". There comes a point, surely, where the line is crossed and invasion of privacy begins.

Certainly "candid" photo's are the norm in the mass media today but including and commenting on close ups of a persons backside may be a step too far. Here are a few from The Daily Mail's AT THIS LINK major article on Bristol Palin's appearances on DWTS. Perhaps this sort of "publicity" is the price to be paid for celebrity but there are limits surely.

It could be said that there is a public service in showing how much work and dedication into improving her diet, figure and overall well being Bristol Palin has done, which might encourage other young people to do the same. But,there has to be a balance.

"The mother-of-one revealed her legs which seem to have been honed from all of that dancing.
She was sporting a pair of extremely tiny grey shorts which clung to her pert derriere as she made her way into the studio."

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