Monday, September 3, 2012

"Those McCain Will Leave Senate Seat For Palin" Rumors; Proof She Qualifies As An Arizona Resident

The Blogosphere is abuzz with rumors that, in one way or another, Senator John McCain will in due course vacate his seat. According to the Twitterverse the next step would be for Republican Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer to appoint Sarah Palin to finish the balance of McCain's term.

It is easy to see how this concept has been given wings!
Here is a typical leftist comment,followed by the facts which could give the premise a solid basis, advising that McCain might hand over to Palin which sort of comment is clearly the inspiration for similar ones which have appeared.

"Voters have just recalled a bumbling state senator. I certainly hope we don't get the opportunity to have to recall someone like Palin, too.
Sen. McCain lost the election because of his choice of Palin as his running mate, in my opinion. I'm wondering if he might not just decide to retire and endorse her for his seat....
Or, has someone whispered in his ear recently, "Oh My God, Dad, she really is such a twit"...
Inquiring minds..."

Sarah Palin (and her daughter Bristol) has purchased a large house in Arizona

She is a legal resident under Arizona law (proof of this is provided at the end of this post).

Jan Brewer and Palin have had a friendly relationship, both being clearly seen as conservatives in a clearly conservative state. Palin campaigned for Brewer AT THIS VIDEO LINK

As far as McCain is concerned, there is no doubt whatsoever that he is committed to supporting his choice of Palin in 2008, something he has repeated consistently.

There is no doubt whatsoever that Palin clearly has, a she has expressed consistently, a deep and abiding fondness for John McCain. Beyond the obvious fact that he lifted her from relative obscurity to having a massive national profile, there appears to be a genuine fondness and appreciation between them.

She of course, to much criticism from the right, not only endorsed his re-election but actively campaigned for him in 2010

Under what circumstances might McCain vacate his seat?

The concepts are that he might be appointed to a senior position in a Romney administration-Secretary of Defense, sensibly, and with good reason, seems an obvious post for someone so deeply experienced in that area. State might also be another post he would accept.

On a more maudlin note, it was speculated that age and or health might be a factor.

If, for whatever reason the seat became available it would be of tremendous advantage to Palin if she was contemplating a run for the presidency in 2016.

She would have a public platform, free of Fox and whichever administration was in office. She would not have to commit to re-election in 2016 given that it would have been an appointed, not elected position she was undertaking.

Perhaps the greatest motivation for McCain would be the incredible opportunity to stick it to the media by having Palin, whom they so harshly attacked, not only succeed him but use his senate seat as a launching pad to the presidency!

Here are the relevant facts;

"Palin buys house in Arizona" Wall Street Journal May 2011 AT THIS LINK
"Definition of "Resident" Arizona Medicaid Agency Article C AT THIS LINK

"An adult (i.e., aged 21 or over) is an Arizona resident if either of the following apply:
  • Currently living in Arizona with the intention to remain in the state permanently or for an indefinite time period
  • Currently residing inArizona to obtain or pursue employment or entered Arizona with a job commitment."
Arizona Secretary of State Guidebook for candidates AT THIS LINK
"United States Senator;
 United States citizen for at least 9 years
At least 30 years of age
Inhabitant of Arizona when elected"

Arizona statutes; definition of "Inhabitant": Article 15 AT THIS LINK