Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Hardest Decision In 2016 Could Be; Vote For Palin Or Clinton?

With President Clinton in a "neither confirm nor deny" response to the question "will Hillary  run in 2016" we can take the odds on her running to be at least 50/50. In my opinion, given that the polls show she would be a shoo-in, and that we are dealing with the Clinton's here, then the odds are nearer 90/10.

Of course there is a lot of water to flow under the bridge and if there is a major economic collapse then the Democrat's nomination may not be worth having. But, based on the premise that she will run and get the nomination and that Sarah Palin will run and get the GOP nomination then I for one will be facing the hardest political decision of my life.

This blog is headed "Palin4President2016" so what is the problem? Well, it is also headed with a bio which says "JFK recovering liberal", therein lies the rub.

Just a brief diversion before more angst. I recall that as a young man I met a gentleman who described himself as a "Cleveland Democrat". I thought it incredible that someone could not only have lived in pre-1900 but have a world view based on such a prehistic past. 

Yet here I am now describing myself as a"(John) Kennedy Democrat all these years later to young people who can't envisage where I am coming from. Tempus fugit and all that. The bottom line is it is very hard to divorce oneself from one's youthful attachments (which is why my description is recovering, not recovered, liberal).

I supported Hillary Clinton and voted for her for the New York Senate seat, and of course for the Democrat's nomination for president.I admire her and I was a strong supporter of President Clinton (Bush1/Dole/Perot-honestly?) and only the totally partisan and blinkered would disagree that Clinton's term's were a time of prosperity-leaving aside the Gingrich based across aisle-reaching that contributed to it.

Sadly it was also a time of moral decline, which contributed to Al Gore's loss, with Clinton leading the way, and Hillary, through her moral cowardice ( or political expediency) I believe, assisting in it by continuing to support Bill. Even through his indiscretions and deserved impeachment and being struck of as a lawyer. Her "I could have wrung his neck" was hardly a moral response to the unprecedented debasement of the office of the presidency

I believe that it is time for a woman to assume the highest office in America, it is almost a  prehistoric situation in fact that one has not been elected too date. Countries around the world have had female leaders for decades, some good, some bad, but they have been there and it is appalling that the majority of the sexes has been shut out of the most important office. 

Hillary Clinton would, if there has to be a Democrat in office again, the best choice by any standard. She has legislative and executive experience, is a leader, and has good personal qualities. I believe she would work with a Republican congress and against any other Republican candidate than Sarah Palin I could vote for her.

The aspects that would allow me to vote for Palin are her absolute Christian  principles.Her personal attitude to abortion, her unimpeachable private life, her family, her husbands moral character, her history of working with the opposition, her executive abilities and accomplishments. 

It is a time for economic sanity and the JFK remedy of growth through tax cutting is more likely to be implemented by Palin than Clinton, as is a move towards a balanced budget over time. It is a time for personal and country renewal through self-pride, self advancement, and the removal of bureaucracy wherever possible-again I see this more from Palin than Clinton.

There is also a feeling that someone who has been through so much unjustified vileness from the left and the media deserves a chance of retribution through accomplishment. 

The negative aspect of a Clinton run against Palin would be a level of utter vileness and shrillness from the left  of unimaginable proportions-the likes of  fanatical Clinton supporters like Taylor Marsh, and Palin haters like Doug Mataconis and Andrew Sullivan in full fury are almost enough to make one hope that Palin doesn't run. But industrial strength ear plugs would hopefully see one through.

A challenging and difficult decision, lets hope that it doesn't come to reality by Clinton not running, but if she does it will be with a nostalgic tear, and the memory of JFK and what might have been, that I would cast my ballot for Palin and renewal.